Who is the Metal Maiden?

Just who is this Metal Maiden, anyway?

Hi! I'm Samantha, a.k.a. the Metal Maiden. Pleasure to meet you :)Samantha Pierson is a 28 year old wife and mother of a smart (sometimes too smart), bouncy 2 year old boy. She calls the mountains of West Virginia home though her stomping grounds are essentially the entire four-state region (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania) & DC.

Now a homemaker who pursues music, acting, writing, & other entrepreneurial endeavors freelance, she's worked almost every type of job you could you can imagine; serving/bartending at restaurants, as a CVS cashier, as a receptionist, at a call center for an office supply company, slinging horse poop and administering daily shots to fillies and geldings at a barn, unloading trucks in a warehouse, as a contracted employee of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill, hosting events at a country club. She experienced and learned a great deal at all of these places, performing well at each role she was required to fill.

After several years of working way too hard for way too little, and following several personal crises (a longstanding relationship with an abuser and the resulting recovery from Stockholm syndrome, a tussle with a would-be rapist that she ultimately fought off & walked away from unscathed but not without sustaining a broken hip/PTSD) and more than a few health scares, she walked away from the typical workforce to join the ranks of the starving artist (both in the literal and figurative sense).

Her saving grace was metal, as it was the only thing that had gotten her through the darkness and onto this new, scary but blank and fresh page in her life. What better thing to devote all her time to? She found inspiration more powerful than any drug when she attended shows, and friendship that was true and not based upon what one could gain from the other with people who attended them frequently. This drove her to steer clear of finding traditional employment, aiming instead to take back that energy she had been devoting to ungrateful employers and setting it loose on the things that made her feel alive again - metal, music in general, film, books. The focal point of her creative pursuits were being a vocalist, and being an actress. There was only one of those, however, that she knew how to start work immediately upon. Only one which she desperately needed to begin working on to save her life, or what had become of it.

She had been singing since before she could remember, but never had any formal training before and little practice in front of a crowd... so, utterly alone in her tiny little one-bedroom cabin in Capon Bridge, WV, she studied Berklee books on voice, particularly opera as she knew less about that technique than of more contemporary styles. She went to every karaoke night that she could find, performing as often as possible to overcome the crippling fear of others that she now struggled with as a result of nearly a decade of cruel mistreatment by her ex-partner and his friends. She even found a great doom band to work with, though the going with the group made up of her new dearest friends was a bit slower than most.

It was this period in time that her life was rebuilt from the ground up. She made amazing new friends and met her husband and future father of her children (which she soon discovered she was capable of having, despite being warned that it would be nearly impossible by doctors in the past). Now, there were no more excuses! Nothing was beating her down, holding her back, or silencing her.

It was around then that she started this blog. She started it simply because now she could; she was free to speak about anything and have an opinion for once. However, what started as a simple blog intended for use as more of a journal spiralled into something much larger. She began writing stories about local bands, releases, gossip and other such news, since you can easily find metal news on the already well-traveled bands but there really wasn't a forum for those who aren't interested in paying a website to feature them. She knew she was fortunate to be living in an area so rich with talent, but she wanted everyone else to know just how many incredible bands, artists and actors were flying under their radar. They needed to know!

She began thinking of ways to improve the exposure level for the metal community, since most of the best musicians are also the most humble and aren't fond of having to think about self-promotion - especially when they really deserve it. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that they're mostly without the money for such luxuries since with the deplorable way they're expected to have all the best equipment and travel all over performing using funds from their own pockets while giving away CDs for free, she set out to be the best promoter, journalist, marketer, and representative that she could be without charging a dime for it.

That goal still exists today, and this website and its mission will be ever-improving to better serve those artists, musicians, actors and individuals in this area. However, this blog was conceived as a place to air opinions as well, so the side-goal of bringing relevant metal news to the community remains as the next highest priority.

Aside from working on the blog in her spare time, she has been actively pursuing more work as a classical/contemporary vocalist and jammed with several bands trying to find the right fit, along with writing her own symphonic project and working on a very large and important book.

She has also finally broken into the world of acting with her first role on a very well-written and addictive TV show entitled Shotgun Mythos as Aralez, a member of the Grygori.(You'll just have to watch it to see what that means!) She has met some amazing actors and learned a great deal working alongside them. She hopes one day to prove herself as an actor and is working hard to make that part of her lifelong dream a reality.

Her all-time favorite vocalists are Simone Simons of Epica, Roy Khan formerly of Kamelot, and Tarja Turunen formerly of Nightwish. Those three, along with Amy Lee of Evanescence, essentially taught her everything she needed to know to be able to sing - she got her start like many do, singing along to songs that sparked the desire in her while traveling in the car or wherever she happened to be at that moment. Ever since she picked up the piano at a young age, she was able to pick up any melody upon hearing it and emulate it exactly after the first listen. She is a little rusty at piano nowadays, but it's only because she dedicated her energy into perfecting that practice with her voice instead.

Piano lessons, she believes, kept her away from piano for a long while because it had suddenly turned into a chore during those hours and not a thing of enjoyment. Resolved not to make that mistake again, voice lessons not conducted on her own are strictly on a no-tutelage basis. She prefers her music tutors to be her bandmates' and others' constructive criticism over someone who requires you stick to a curriculum. So it is in music and everything else in life... for her part.

Her favorite bands (of which there are far, far too many to list given the length of this already) include Katatonia, Thrice, Dark Moor, Epica, Kamelot (until they banned her for mentioning that she missed Roy in a complimentary comment on some Facebook picture, years ago... thanks for that, Tommy), Black Crown Initiate, Revocation, Goatwhore, Weedeater, Apocalyptica, Amberian Dawn, Nightwish, Pallbearer, Benighted, Cradle of Filth, Watain, Delain, Iron Maiden (of course), Blind Guardian, Gorguts, Draconian, Candlemass, and Sonata Arctica. You can probably guess her local favorites as she gushes about them in the articles she writes!

She feels privileged to have talked to - and worked with - many of the talented, intelligent, kind and caring people that exist within our five-state-wide metal bubble that is the mid-Atlantic region. Our capital is Baltimore and DC, for that's where we all usually congregate for shows, but our talent and skill are limitless and there is no bounds that can hold us back from expressing our souls and creating music that is our own in the hope that part of us may live on and become immortal. We will be out there, apart but still together in a way, doing our best and inspiring others to think deeper and face the darkness so that they may understand the light. Or doing whatever we fucking feel like. That too!

She now lives in the mountains with her husband and two sons, tirelessly working for less pay than ever... though the rewards have been much greater, now that she is doing what she loves! She'll continue to dedicate herself to her family, the arts, the metal/music community, and the acting/theatre community for as long as she lives.

She loves you all, and hopes that you're enjoying your visit here - because the happiness of a fellow metalhead and kindred spirits everywhere is all the payment she needs. :)

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