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Maybe it's just the man keeping us down, but if you search Google for sites that discuss local music, chances are you won't see any. There's a few out there, but they're pushed so far back into the furthest reaches of the internet that they're nearly impossible to spot.

I made this section here to try and bring all those obscure bringers-of-metal and those that support them together in one place. Say your average friendly metalhead moves in from out of town and has no idea where to start discovering their new local metal scene, what bands are currently out there, and where they have shows. My hope is that you'll stumble across this and find answers to all your questions, thus sparing you a Sherlock-esque type investigation into the matter.

This is my labor of love to you, the local metal warriors, who run themselves ragged to bring us music that is unbound by corporate desires, full of heart, new ideas, and overflowing with wrath and zeal. I know you wish you had more time to promote your hard work. I know you're so proud of the music you've made and yet you feel somewhat frustrated that it won't be reaching as many people as it rightfully should have, through no fault of your own.

I also know that the more places people have access to you and your music, the more fans you will have because you fucking deserve them. You write your own shit, come up with truly killer riffs, give it your all on stage, spend your own money to bring your merch and your music to everyone. You shouldn't have to be your own promoter as well.

One day soon, when I'm actually able to afford equipment and bring into the world music of my own, I hope I can be right there with you.. in the trenches, driving all the way to the venue, lugging equipment onstage, and fucking jam with anyone who wants to be there with us and make their night just a little more awesome. Right now, I've got a very little baby and very little resources. Even though I can't go to shows as much as I would like, and can't yet perform music I've written, I will still show my support to you all who keep your dreams and devotions alive in whatever way I can.

So here's to you, metalheads of DC, Virginia, West By Goddess, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and everywhere else in the whole fucking world. Keep on keeping on. You'll always have my respect.

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