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Riffline Radio
Interviews with local and locally based bands by Black Rose Metal Heart Promotions. Updated frequently.

Pilot Waves
Local band/artist interviews every week.

Insane Realm Radio & The Women of Metal show

Listen to Insane Realm Radio - Dedicated to playing primarily independent music

Women in MetalWomen of Metal airs on Insane Realm Radio, a station dedicated to playing primarily independent music, every Thursday at 9pm and Saturday at 8pm.

I found this site to be super-informative, well-kept and awesome!

An overview from their website: "The Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio is a Labor of Love by show host and Website Co-Owner Jayson Shell. Jayson has spent his entire life amassing a very respectable collection of albums’ CD’s and digital media of female ROCK, METAL and PUNK acts from Blondie to Pat Benatar, To Arch Enemy and In Serenity to Mortad and Nightwish, Jayson has listened to them all.

Or so he thought:

Two years ago when I was asked about doing a show on Insane Realm Radio. I said “sure as long as I can do it my way with the music I wanted to play“. That was the beginning of the Women of Metal Show." Read more...

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