Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lead Vocalist of Cab Ride Home Running for VA Delegate Seat

Danica Roem, journalist and lead vocalist of locally-based metal group Cab Ride Home is running for the House of Delegates, VA District 13.

Chief among her concerns for her home district is Route 28, which - as any Northern Virginian will tell you - is a hellish highway no matter the time of day, plagued with heavy traffic and frequent accidents.

"I'm tired of sitting in traffic, waiting 40+ minutes just to make it past Yorkshire in my '92 Dodge during the morning rush hours," she posted on her official Facebook page, "and that's before doing the same on I-66. Traffic on Route 28 was terrible when my car was built 25 years ago and it's terrible today. However, rather than just complain about it, I think we need a change of leadership and resident-driven solutions for fixing Route 28 without raising our taxes."

Roem already has some ideas on how to improve the situation, such as extending VRE to Innovation Technology Park and creating incentives for business owners to open up shop in and around Manassas Park and western PWC. These incentives, she hopes, will open the door to other initiatives to benefit education and inclusive social policies. As the first transgender woman to ever run for the Virginia General Assembly, she'll also be a champion for the anti-discrimination movement, fighting for equal rights and protections no matter one's gender identity or sexual orientation. Given the political climate we are in right now, we need as many of our representatives on the side of tolerance and sanity as humanly possible, making Danica Roem an excellent choice for her district.

She'll need your help to win this, though, for as she puts it, "Running for a competitive seat in the House of Delegates is absurdly expensive. For example, I have to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars just to campaign for a job that pays $17,640 a year. (And people wonder why politicians sell out to the highest bidder.) We have to reform the electoral system and keep our integrity doing it."

That right there is my personal favorite thing about Ms Roem; her brutal honesty. Those who know her expect nothing less.

You can help by making a contribution here. Make sure you give her a "like" on FB to stay updated on the campaign.

Best of luck to you, Danica! We look forward to seeing you kick ass on the political stage.

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