Friday, February 19, 2016

Shadow Woods Metal Fest RETURNS! All You Need to Know About the Best Open Air Metal Fest in the Region

Get ready, metal heads... Shadow Woods Metal Fest is making a triumphant return this year, September 15 - 18!

Last year was the inaugural run of the festival, hosted by Metallomusikum's Mary Spiro. It was an incredible success, shattering expectations. Everyone in attendance, myself included, had an utterly indescribable weekend of metal camaraderie, mind-blowing music and beautiful, perfectly-suited surroundings. It was one of those experiences you'd remember and enjoy for years after it was over.

Meshach Got His Vest Back

Good news! Macy's has removed an ill-gotten metal vest from a locked glass case on display in one of their New York stores and returned it to the metalhead who made it after a short-lived Facebook campaign.

 The vest originally belonged to Meshach "Attack" Babcöck, who was at a Battle of the Bands show being held in the Oregon City High School some time ago when it went missing.

The thief that purloined this personal piece of metal history must have fenced it for cash, and though little is known about how it reached its final destination, ultimately it ended up in Macy's on display in NYC.

Better Late Than Never: My EPICA Experience On Their One & Only US Tour Stop in 2015

Standing side by side with the Gods of Symphonic Metal

The month was September, the year 2015. Months earlier I was fervently begging a relative to chip in for VIP Epica tickets as they had a US tour planned. Baltimore Soundstage was to be their first stop; right in my proverbial backyard.

BREACH THE SILENCE Calling It Quits; Changes Venue for Farewell Show

Well how's this for some sad news... Breach The Silence has declared their next show to be their last. Ever.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Supergroup ORACLES Unveils Cover Art for Debut Album "Miserychorde"

One day a while back, some members of Aborted and the vocalist of DIMLIGHT (and formerly, Purify out of France) came together and decided to make some quality f*ckin' metal.

Thus began the newest international supergroup, Oracles.

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