Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Magick of Shadow Woods Metal Fest: Recap

All the stunning images featured herein courtesy of Paul Imburgia Photography.

Dweller In The Valley

On the 25th and 26th of September, something incredible happened. Something magickal and special with hints of sinister and Satanic; something that brought together kindred souls from all over and stirred many to their core. Something that allowed us all to shake off our troubles and be free, unguarded, and at one with nature and each other. Something that was so amazing an experience that I'm certainly not the only one who hopes to re-live it in future years.

That something was Shadow Woods Metal Fest.

A few miles away from one of the places where Pennsylvania and Maryland meet lay a hidden patch of black metal paradise. Lush with a legion of trees, plants and flowers scattered across rolling hills of rich forest floor, the "venue" was an idyllic accommodation for the myriad of talented metal ensembles spanning genres from black, doom, and death to folk. Even a few experimental acts were set to appear during this full weekend of metal, which resonated throughout the grounds from noon to around nine or ten in the evening on Friday and Saturday.

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