Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Album From MF RUCKUS Debuts in One Week


When something is really good, it's timeless. The music of Dio or Iron Maiden, for example, will never be overplayed in the minds of those who truly appreciate it.

It can, however, be presented in even newer exciting ways, and that's just what MF Ruckus aims to do with their newest self-released debut, "Thieves of Thunder".

Made up of vocalist Aaron Howell, drummer Ty Blosser, bassist Logan O’Connor, and guitarists Tony Lee and Parker Clark Whitton, MF "is not trying to reinvent the genre, but rather emulates and assimilates the skills and attributes of Rock's greatest warriors, using them as weapons of domination" says Melissa of FullBlast!PR. The blog MetalZoneProd666 gave the album a 90/100, and Glacially Musical Blog had some kind words for the five-piece:

"They took their ingredients and made a stew that honors their forebears by forging a new sound that just flat out rocks"

High praise if ever I heard it!

So, we've established that MF Ruckus doesn't try to reinvent the wheel... but what they do is steal its hubcaps on "Thieves of Thunder". Motherfucking Ruckus (or MF Ruckus for use in polite company) is a true Rock n Roll band. Period. They see little use for sub genres as they are often synonymous with pigeonholes.

Instead, MF Ruckus emulates and assimilates the skills and attributes of Rock's greatest warriors, using them as weapons of domination in the arena of songwriting and lives performance (like if Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat were a badass rocker dude).

On their latest album, "Thieves of Thunder", one can detect elements derived from Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Valient Thorr, Turbonegro, Dio and Murphy's Law. "Thieves of Thunder" was engineered/co-produced by Steve Goldberg (Guitar- Cephalic Carnage; Engineer- Speedwolf's "Ride with Death").

MF RUCKUS - Thieves of ThunderTracklisting:

1. Thieves of Thunder
2. Coffin Built for Two
3. Hall of Champions
4. You Aint Nothin' Special
5. Talk All Day (Don't Say Shit)
6. Don't Make Me Hurt You
7. Tastes Like Bleach
8. Halfway to the Halfway House
9. We Don't Party
10. Ridin'
11. Gasoline (For My Party Machine)
12. Jesus Hellraiser Christ
13. All My Heroes Are in Hell
14. Satanotron Rising
15. Cheatin' Up

The album is available for preorder here.

[ source: FullBlast!PR ]

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