Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lariyah of KHAOTIKA Posts Update on Her Recovery

Lariyah of KHAOTIKA has posted a heartfelt message to her supporters and friends via the band's Facebook page, giving an update on her recovery process from the van accident that killed their drummer, Nicholas Crisostomo (or "Dyret" as he was known by KHAOTIKA fans), as well as Ian McKinney and Paul Truesdell of Wormreich and caused devastating injuries to the eight survivors.

It was Lariyah that sustained the worst injuries, however. "She has a stitched and stapled head, skin grafted forearm and wrist, broken 5 ribs, pierced lung, extremely bruised up body" KHAOTIKA posted in an update soon after the incident.

She appears to be headed in a better direction now, thank the Goddess, though the road has not been nor will be an easy one. Here is the full update:

Lariyah here,

Today is probably the hardest day for me, pain spreads as nerves, muscle tissue and bones start to connect, but mentally pain is even stronger... don't want to go into details, but just wanted to say that out of despair, I finally found energy to go through the messages to the page and I started crying again... this time from appreciation. Thousands of fans, and new fans ask about donation place, it's truly overwhelming, I've never experienced such unity in music fan base.

To answer your questions : there was apparently a gofundme page set up by a dear friend of ours but right after it, there was a ton of fake ones starting, so please allow me some time to get back home, talk to Wormreich representation and make an official donation page as we also would like to at least that way say last goodbye to the 3 fallen and their families, but also survive the time off work and pay anything in the long term included.

Just today i found out that it will take me long months of rehabilitation to fully have a control over my arm, and as an artist and a new mother it is simply devastating. Same with the rest of us who are still in a hospital with me, trying to fight for their health.

Thank you once again for everything. Because of people like you music keeps going strong, and even that it will take us a bit longer, we will come back stronger than ever \m/

As a mom myself, it makes my heart hurt to imagine what she must be feeling at this time. If only her child was older, they would tell her how thankful they feel for her just to be alive. However when they are young and helpless and pulling hard at those maternal instincts we women have, not being able to help in those tiny yet necessary things can be torturous. I hope her heart is comforted by the presence of those she loves, and in the knowledge that they will love her regardless.

Here's hoping we hear more positive news for these guys. They truly deserve it.

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