Saturday, April 11, 2015

Exclusive Look Into the Newest Release From SHRINE OF THE SERPENT


Featuring members of Aldebaran (Profound Lore), Shrine of the Serpent has received some pretty positive buzz in a short time. Cvlt Nation named them in the top 5 doom band of the month, and the blog Doomed and Stoned declared their version of death/doom is "monstrous".

The best doom creates an indefinable feeling of dread and a sinking feeling like no other. It may be shrouded in epic atmosphere or dressed up with lighter instrumentation, but the conclusion is a foregone one: man's ultimate demise.

And if it is Deathly Doom akin to the style played by Portland's Shrine of the Serpent, the end comes a bit quicker. The self-titled release is filled with creepy, buzzing riffs and Todd Janeczek's gut-wrenching gutturals, the songs are significantly enhanced with a dark atmosphere that send shivers, chills, and dreadful feelings through the listeners body just the way it is supposed to be. An impressive debut 30 minute EP from a band that understands the sonic conveyance of mental anguish. An MC version of "SHRINE OF THE SERPENT" will be released via Parasitic Records and vinyl via Parasitic Records and Materia Prima Records.

Take an exclusive listen below, and if you like what you're hearing, be sure to connect with them via Facebook or on their website.

[ source: FullBlast!PR ]

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