Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heidevolk Premiers New Video for "Urth"

Heidevolk has premiered their new video for "Urth" off of their newest album Valua, and we have it here for you to stream... right here, right now:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

HUGE Tour Announcement; Iris Divine & MindMaze Embarking on East Coast Tour


Huge news for fans of featured band Iris Divine and the wondrous MindMaze! These two locally-based powerhouses are embarking on a summer tour, and I can guarantee it's one you will not want to miss!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lariyah of KHAOTIKA Posts Update on Her Recovery

Lariyah of KHAOTIKA has posted a heartfelt message to her supporters and friends via the band's Facebook page, giving an update on her recovery process from the van accident that killed their drummer, Nicholas Crisostomo (or "Dyret" as he was known by KHAOTIKA fans), as well as Ian McKinney and Paul Truesdell of Wormreich and caused devastating injuries to the eight survivors.

GLOOM Announces Month-Long Tour

DC's own Gloom will be embarking on a mini-tour for the entire month of May 2015, with Bereft (WI) accompanying them for the latter half of those dates.

Exclusive Look Into the Newest Release From SHRINE OF THE SERPENT


Featuring members of Aldebaran (Profound Lore), Shrine of the Serpent has received some pretty positive buzz in a short time. Cvlt Nation named them in the top 5 doom band of the month, and the blog Doomed and Stoned declared their version of death/doom is "monstrous".

New Album From MF RUCKUS Debuts in One Week


When something is really good, it's timeless. The music of Dio or Iron Maiden, for example, will never be overplayed in the minds of those who truly appreciate it.

It can, however, be presented in even newer exciting ways, and that's just what MF Ruckus aims to do with their newest self-released debut, "Thieves of Thunder".

Review: Godless Angel, "Harvester of Shadows"

GODLESS ANGEL - Harvester of Shadows
Godless Angel
"Harvester of Shadows"

- 9 out of 10

Monday, April 6, 2015

KHAOTIKA, WORMREICH Van Crash; 3 Musicians & Fellow Metalheads Killed, 8 Injured

One of the fallen was Nicholas R. Crisostomo (Khaotika), 25, of Round Hill, Virginia, along with Ian A. McKinney, 30, of Madison, Tennessee; and Paul. J. Truesdell, 29, of Mableton, Georgia (both were members of Wormreich).

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