Friday, March 27, 2015

Estonian Metallers Tharaphita Brings Pagan Metal Back to Black


Estonian Metal band Tharaphita released their latest album titled “Ülestõus” (which literally translates to "Uprising”) in summer 2014. Not only is it a unique blend of the two genres of Pagan and black, they've infused their signature recipe with the echoes of history - and as a metalhead-slash-history nerd, that's something I can really appreciate.

Their music is a mix of black, heavy and thrash metal. Lyrics are mostly inspired by Estonian history and our ancestors’ hard struggle for survival and the freedom of their homeland. According to legend, the mightiest Estonian fire god Tarapita landed at Estonia’s biggest island Saaremaa.

The album cover depicts the main crater of lake Kaali, which was formed by a meteorite. It caused enormous damage and chaos but our ancestors starting to worship this mystical fire in the sky. The meteorites also contained iron ore, which made it possible to forge extremely strong weapons for the ancient times warriors and tools for farmers.

The new release of Tharaphita provides great contribution into Estonian metal music but the lyrics also a call to reconsider the values dominant in our society.

It was also nominated in the category of the best metal album at the Estonian Music Awards 2015. The album was recorded at the Roundsound studio and contains eight songs.

Tharaphita — “Ülestõus” (Uprising) 2014

1. Ülestõus (Uprising) - 04:59
2. Viimsepäeva koidik (The Dawn of Armageddon) - 06:11
3. Luupainaja (The Nightmare) - 05:00
4. Tuhandeaastase orjaöö tuhast (From the Ashes of a Thousand Years of Slavery) - 04:25
5. Sõnad sõlmedesse (Knotting the Words) - 03:40
6. Surma-arbujad (Sorcerers of Death) - 06:13
7. Tuuled rändavad ringi (Winds Wander) - 04:40
8. Terasest taotud teel (On a Road Made of Steel) - 04:31

Total: 39:39

Two songs from the new album (“Ülestõus” and “Luupainaja”) can be heard here on their official Youtube channel. A few more can be found here on Soundcloud.

The new CD and other goodies can be ordered from their web store.

Check these guys out... I can say with certainty that I've never quite heard Pagan black metal like this before.

[ source: METALMESSAGE ]

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