Friday, March 27, 2015

Sacred Blood back with new album

SACRED BLOOD - ArgonauticaGreek epic heavy metallers Sacred Blood are back with their third album, “Argonautica”, a follow-up to their 2012 highly acclaimed release “Alexandros” which was also released through Pitch Black Records.

Thrash Metal Youngsters DARK VOID Announce Debut six-track EP

Cypriot thrash metallers DARK VOID announce their debut (self-released) EP, titled “Release the Kraken” on April 3rd.

Calling themselves as “Badass Thrash” and describing their influences “from Slayer to Vivaldi”, DARK VOID are indeed a force to be reckoned with, despite their young age. Listening to their massive thrash sound one would find it hard to believe that the band members' average age is just 17!

Cyrence Debuts "The Hospital"

CYRENCE - The Hospital

No boundaries for erupting energies!

Estonian Metallers Tharaphita Brings Pagan Metal Back to Black


Estonian Metal band Tharaphita released their latest album titled “Ülestõus” (which literally translates to "Uprising”) in summer 2014. Not only is it a unique blend of the two genres of Pagan and black, they've infused their signature recipe with the echoes of history - and as a metalhead-slash-history nerd, that's something I can really appreciate.

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