Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Periphery Album(s), "Juggernaut" Now Streaming

DC's own prog ensemble, Periphery has just made the second album from their dual-album release available for streaming, and you can now listen to both of these albums via the playlist below. Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega are set to be released on January 27th, 2015, but I urge you to try it before you buy it - right here, right now:

According to Periphery drummer Matt Halpern:

"'Juggernaut' is a story that is told through our music, and we want our audience to fully digest the whole experience.

Because 'Juggernaut' is very detailed and dense in terms of character development, peaks and valleys, climaxes and resolutions we've divided the story and music in two, in the form of two separate albums.

'Juggernaut: Alpha', the first part of the story, focuses on the back story and character development, while part two/album two, 'Juggernaut: Omega', focuses on some pretty serious and gut-wrenching events, taking you for a thrill ride along the main character's complex journey.

Although the albums are split in two physically, the story is only complete when the albums are digested consecutively, allowing the listener to recognize and hear the lyrical and musical overlapping themes, foreshadowing, and connected ideas.

You can pick up these epic dual discs right here in our web shop after their scheduled release date.

They'll also be doing some serious touring as well, kicking off with a five-week North American tour alongside Nothing More, Wovenwar, and Thank You Scientist, followed by a full tour of Europe thereafter.

"Juggernaut: Alpha" track listing:

PERIPHERY - Juggernaut: Alpha01. A Black Minute (4:16)
02. MK Ultra (2:50)
03. Heavy Heart (4:22)
04. The Event (1:45)
05. The Scourge (5:36)
06. Alpha (5:31)
07. 22 Faces (3:52)
08. Rainbow Gravity (4:39)
09. Four Lights (2:18)
10. Psychosphere (6:16)

"Juggernaut: Omega" track listing:

PERIPHERY - Juggernaut: Omega01. Reprise (1:25)
02. The Bad Thing (5:54)
03. Priestess (5:04)
04. Graveless (3:56)
05. Hell Below (3:43)
06. Omega (11:44)
07. Stranger Things (7:35)

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