Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moonspell Announces Release Dates for New Album, "Extinct"


Moonspell (which, if you're not familiar, is a gothic metal band hailing from Portugal and they are actually pretty f*cking good) has announced the release dates for their 11th full-length studio album, entitled Extinct.

Here they are, courtesy of MetalUnderground:

March 6th: G/A/S/Europe/AUS
March 9th: UK/NO/FR/DK/IT
March 11th: SE/ESP
March 17th: USA/CAN

If you pick up the media book edition, you will find an exclusive 80-minute documentary chronicling the making of the album and the daily lives of the band's members in studio. It also includes commentary from scientists regarding the subject of extinction, and in particular, the extinction of the Iberian Wolf, which is apparently a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. Who knew? Not I... but that's pretty awesome and gives them bonus points in my book.

They are currently prepping for a Europe tour, but no plans in the US as of this writing.

Extinct Track Listing:

1. Until We Are No More (Breathe)
2. Medusalem
3. Funeral Bloom
4. Domina
5. La Baphomette
6. The Last of Us
7. A Dying Breed
8. Malignia
9. Extinct
10. The Future Is Dark

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