Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ex-Bassist of Amberian Dawn, Tommi Kuri, Passes Away

Tommi KuriTommi Kuri, former bassist of Amberian Dawn and Virtuosity, has passed away.

He had been grappling with "health issues" for some time, which was the reason he left Amberian Dawn after recording a few albums with them. The band didn't realize how serious his illness was, however, and were devastated to learn of his passing.

The band announced news of Tommi's death about 9 hours from the time of this writing. Here's the official statement:

Some tragic and sad news. Tommi Kuri, our ex-bassist has passed away. This shocking news hit all of us really hard.

Tommi was a kind man and always tried to help other people too. He was one of the founding members of Amberian Dawn and played on three albums. Tommi was also one of the key characters who helped AD on it's early steps and in the early years he was also kind of managing the band. Tommi was always the guy who kept the wheels rolling and took care of the important matters and band members too.

Tommi's sprit will live on in all of us who knew him and also in music of all the bands he played with. ” I knew that he had some health issues and that's why he was forced to leave AD back in 2011. He did it with heavy heart. But nobody knew how serious his condition was until now when we got this dramatic news. In fact I saw him only a couple of days ago and he was really acting like he always did: in a funny, joyful and helpful way.

Tommi always cared deeply about his friends and his loved ones. Band members were like family to him and we all also loved him very much.

Tommi was also my mentor at the beginning of my music career and also during his whole existence on this planet. He was the person who invited me to play keyboards in Virtuocity-band. That was the first real band I was playing with. After that he encouraged me to start a band of my own, which was later named as Amberian Dawn. Without him I wouldn't ever start my own band.

Tommi was one of the most beautiful and caring persons I've ever known.

I'll miss you buddy, Rest In Peace. “


Sad start to the new year.

Hail the traveler. May your spirit find peace, Tommi, and your family and friends find solace and comfort in their memories of you.

Another musical soul is off to Valhalla.

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