Monday, January 19, 2015

Did the guy who books New England Metal and Hardcore Fest just take a verbal shot at Maryland Deathfest?

Scott Lee, the guy who books NEFMetal Insider recently caught up with the guy who book the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest and he made a few comments about Maryland Deathfest and our local metal scene in general. Did he mean to slight us by declaring the Mid-Atlantic metal scene a "niche" market?

Here are his exact words when asked about MDF. Not only did he seem to corner our festival as solely "crust" and "punk" -type bands, but the interviewer seems to be under the impression that MDF and New England's Hardcore Fest are competitors for us East coast folk.

"Yeah Maryland Deathfest is awesome; they do a really great job there. I’ve never been, but on the line-up aspect and everything like that they really have a niche, you know? We’ve changed our niche over the years. We change things, move things around. Different genres of extreme music , different sets. They’re just going, oh yeah we’re, we’re- there’s three different genres it seems like. Death metal, crust, punk, you know and they do a really good job there."

Maybe it's just me - I do tend to read too deeply into things, sometimes (this entire blog solid proof of that fact) - but does it seem like he's trying to insinuate that NEF has a better selection of bands than MDF does?

Obviously he says MDF is awesome, because if you'll remember, metalheads aren't supposed to be squabbling over whose festival is the best and most of us are aware of that. It just felt a bit like he was belittling ours in a way... I mean, death, crust and punk are clearly not the only genres that are playing MDF this year. It seems a bit discrediting to assert otherwise.

You can see the entire exchange here on Metal Insider. What are your thoughts? Do you think Scott Lee bears us any ill will, or does he have a point?

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