Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chris Brown, Certifiable Douche Canoe, Wears Jacket with Municipal Waste Patch, Pisses Everyone Off

The angry, abusive, talentless, intemperate Chris Brown wa spotted at the Tru Hollywood Nightclub in Los Angeles earlier in the month wearing a "spiked leather jacket adorned with patches of metal and hardcore bands," according to this article I stumbled upon today by MetalSucks.

The jacket - which was a custom order from some place called DNA Fashion Designs (meaning he had nothing to do with choosing/applying the patches, and probably bought it to look cool so he could swoon Kendall Jenner and become a faux-metalheads together) - included a large front-and-center logo of Municipal Waste, along with logos of The Exploited, Cro-Mags and Excel.

According to this, MW wants absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with the known beater, and kudos to them for taking up that stance. It's no secret that Chris Brown has questionable and despicable ways of handling his anger issues. It doesn't matter if the former couple is now at a level of cordiality. It doesn't absolve him in the least. With rumors of other incidents swirling over his head after the harrowing accusations against him in the case of Rihanna, he's not much liked above a bunch of ignoramuses and probably a healthy amount of fellow sh*tbags towards women.

Perhaps he thought the metal crowd would accept him? Perhaps he buys into the misleading stigma that the closed minds try to propagate among the masses and thinks that metal heads advocate abuse, poor temper control and shitty treatment towards others.

What a poor, ignorant, misguided soul he is.

He should have delved a little deeper and he would have found that we don't stand for that type of garbage. And we don't advocate acting out in anger - unless it's directed towards someone who deserves it, such as a beater like Chris Brown. For example, if someone tried to beat their partner at a metal show, they would find themselves in the middle of a rush from all the people who wouldn't think twice about intervening to help the victim.

In fact, most times that there has been violence or anger in a metal crowd has stemmed from incidents like that, where someone is trying to molest or injure someone else or is generally being a massive dick. Metal heads have raced to the rescue of people who fall down in the pit after tripping so that no one accidentally stomps them. We are good people, and though we aren't without our bad apples as every culture and sub-culture is subject to having, the vast majority of metalheads and metal mommies I've met have had morals that exceed most people's standard of morality, empathy beyond understanding, and a desire to spread positivity and support to any and all in their lives that need it.

Sorry, Chris Brown, there's no place for you in the metal community. GTFO. Douchebag.

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