Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Days of Giveaways with Premortal Breath


Today, we'll be kicking off five straight days of giveaways with up-and-coming self-produced German heavy metallers Premortal Breath!

The guys have put together a solid full-length debut CD, They, which has gotten several positive reviews from sites like this one, this one, and even this one. After enjoying some success in Germany, the band is hopping the pond, seeping steadily into the States... and they come bearing a few gifts for us.

Their first offering is a free copy of the band's debut CD, They. There will be two winners!

So how doth one winneth one of these silver circular conveyors of metal? You can win by commenting below in this article, or by liking/sharing the corresponding Facebook post or on Twitter (each comment/like/share will earn you an additional chance to win).

Fans of Metallica or extreme, thrashy, more raw types of metal/hard rock will enjoy this album... even more so perhaps, because it's free? A gift to you from the gentlemanly German gentlemen of Premortal Breath.

For more info on the band, check out their Facebook page.

There are a few more giveaways to be announced this week, so stay tuned for your chance to win more free music, merch... maybe even beer? ;)

Premortal Breath, They Track Listing:

01. Your Ruin – 4:38
02. Into the Light – 4:42
03. Fuck My Brain – 5:41
04. Pain – 4:18
05. They – 4:11
06. Pleasure – 6:08
07. Trapped – 4:58
08. Bloody Baby Shower – 5:11

[ ReverbNation/Facebook ]

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