Monday, December 1, 2014

Raven Unleashes Raw Live Footage of New Track from Upcoming Album "ExtermiNation"

RAVEN (photo: Facebook)Captured on the hallowed ground of Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn, Raven posted this live version of one of the tracks off their forthcoming album ExtermiNation for their fans on the heels of a successful close to the Kickstarter campaign they utilized to help fund the album with the support of SPV Records.

What a fucking way to thank us! This should do well to make everyone eager to hear the rest of what this new project will imbue upon the ears of all in range. SPOILER ALERT!!... it's some damn fine metallin'.

Hear for yourself:

When I say successful in regards to their Kickstarter, I mean successful. They asked for a modest $15k to help cover the costs of recording, production, and all the stuff necessary to bring a worthy album into the world - what they got was in excess of $27k ($27,289 to be precise)!

Needless to say, they are grateful for the overwhelming support they've received - quoth the Raven, "LUNATICS, YOU DID IT! Cheers from the whole band for your decades of support. Now...prepare to EXTERMINATE!!!"

The fact they have so much support behind them alone helps drive and posture them into making something fucking incredible, combined with their new resources and existing adroitness at their craft (which is metal, of course)... I think it's safe to say we can all expect some golden riffs in our future from these guys.

You can get more details about their Kickstarter here, or check them out on FB to stay directly connected to updates as they come.

Or, ya know, you could just keep checking back with me. Whatever works! ;)

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