Monday, December 15, 2014

Prince William & Kate Give Us An Early X-mas Present

As far as I know, the royal couple is still spending time on the sullied soil of the States... presumably with no plans to even come by our neck of the woods. *Sigh.*

As bereft as I am not to get to meet them on their tour to the land Britain once claimed, they have pacified their devoted American admirers with the best early X-mas gift we could ever hope for: new pics of 17-month old baby Georgie!

Credit: TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire

His little sweater! EEEK!! So much cuteness.

I always feel a bit like I'm looking into the future when I see pictures of Prince George, considering my kid looks almost exactly like him. Unfortunately, Kate has got me beat in mommy territory as she has already had the guts to stomach being pregnant again - despite having an awful experience grappling with HG sickness in her first pregnancy - while I sit here, terrified at even the mere thought of going through all of the nausea, pain and general ickyness of baby-cooking.

I hope that even if I don't get to meet Princess Kate while she visits us, she'll let slip her secret for gathering the courage to give Georgie a sibling! I could really use all the motivation I can get, because honestly? Pregnancy really effin' sucks. Screw that!

At any rate - looking good, George! Congrats on being promoted to big brother!

See all the pictures here.

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