Friday, December 12, 2014

Permafrost Releasing Debut Album, "Transitory"

PERMAFROST (photo: Facebook)

Hailing from the highly depressing area of Alexandria, VA is a diamond in the rough of the doom/death variety: Permafrost.

The three-piece has been on the scene for a long time, but now they are finally releasing their long-awaited debut, entitled Transitory. Their heavy, intense yet thoughtful and complex sound has captured hundreds of fans during their time in the underground, and thanks to their 3-track name-your-price Bandcamp release, you can experience them even if you can't make it to see them live (though I highly suggest you do). To make it easy for you, you can stream it right here, right now.

Transitory was recorded by Simon Callahan and Julian Comanda, mixed by Simon Callahan, and mastered by Nikita Kamprad.

Interestingly, the bass lines for this album were performed by Pat Fells, who is not the band's original bassist. There are no details available as to whether their former/current bassist will still perform for their live shows, however. Permafrost also collaborated with Simon Callahan of Midnight Eye for the clean vocals featured on the track entitled "Oak".

Justin "Hollow Lung" said this of their newest creation in a statement from his personal FB page:

"Well after 5 years ...... Here is our first official release. I hope some of you can take something from this or simply enjoy it for what it is. This album reflects a time in ones life where everything seems so dismal but there is a glimmer of hope. Transition and Progress."

They'll have 100 limited edition copies at their release show on Friday, January 16th at The Pinch in Washington, DC alongside Torrid Husk, Occultist and Ilsa... so if you fancy a hard copy, you'd better get up there lest you find your chance lost.

The band will also be playing tomorrow at the same venue.

Now stream to your heart's content (and if you like it, buy it)!

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