Monday, December 1, 2014

Iris Divine Streams First New Track Off Upcoming "Karma Sown"

IRIS DIVINE - Karma Sown The highly-anticipated (and also Kickstarter-funded) new album from Iris Divine, entitled Karma Sown, will be dropping in December - this we know. Today, however, we were given a bit more than a release date. We got a spankin' new track!

Here it is, in all it's glory:

Pardon my French, but.. SAINT DIEU! Can you believe these crazy fuckers are entirely self-produced? I tip my hat to you, sirs. Well fucking done! You absolutely get the horns up for that one. \m/

Now if I could find a way to sneakily hear the entire album right now so I won't have to wait... pre-release review? *cackles maniacally*

Hey, a girl can dream.

Anyway, December isn't so terribly far away. And I believe you'll have a few chances to see them live coming up, too, if and you're around the 4-state or DC Metro areas.

Another round of applause for "A Suicide Aware"! Really, really dug that track (not to mention the album art, equally so)... and hopefully you did as well!

More info on the album can be found here.

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