Friday, December 19, 2014

Iris Divine Gets Label's Attention

IRIS DIVINE - Karma SownSo, Vince Neilstein over at MetalSucks (who clearly has exceptional taste in music, based on his past coverage of the band) has reported that Iris Divine may be in talks with a record label or two on the heels of their newest release, Karma Sown after finally catching some well-deserved and long overdue attention for their efforts.

The album has been removed from their Bandcamp page in the meanwhile until terms are actually agreed upon - everything is still tentative as of now. According to the band, they are just "exploring possibilities" at this time and nothing is set in stone. However, there are many of us who are waiting in anxious anticipation to hear some good news for the trio... between us, MetalSucks, the thousands of fans they've made across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, and now even Decibel Magazine, there are a good number of us who want to see their reach grow.

Why? Because these days, we are lacking in metal that has real heart in it. It's there, yes, but only one in a handful of bands really knows how to manipulate those sounds into something intricate, chaotic, and beautiful.

Iris Divine is one of those bands. You know, the ones you listen to and think to yourself, "these guys really get it".

Anyone who's seen them live knows they're going places... and it's nice to finally see the tides of progress picking up for these three talented dudes. They're in it for the right reasons, they know their craft, and they wield their weapons of metal wisely and well.

Inevitably we'll be hearing soon about what steps they might be taking as far as labels go, and you'll want to keep it here for when that happens.

Bravo to the guys of Iris Divine and kudos to Vince and MetalSucks for recognizing (and championing) a truly good thing!

Don't forget... if you haven't had a chance to hear the album in full yet, check out our review to kind of gauge what you might be in for. I can guarantee this is an album you'll really enjoy, no matter what sub-genre you favor. To give a short summary: Karma Sown, IMO, is what happens when you take the best elements out of every metal sub-genre and meld them into something completely unique yet starkly familiar and thoroughly enjoyable.

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