Sunday, December 28, 2014

Armageddon Needs New Vocalist


Armageddon, a Swedish/American metal band featuring former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott that will be playing Maryland Deathfest in 2015, has announced via Facebook that vocalist Matt Hallquist (Under A Serpent Sun)has parted ways with the band, spurring them on a search for a new voice.

Here's the official word from Armageddon.

"We have some unfortunate news: due to personal reasons our singer Matt Hallquist has been forced to step down from the role as lead vocalist in Armageddon. We thank Matt for his time and commitment to the band. This means we are once again searching for a singer. We are looking for a growler/screamer with great stage presence to tour with us starting next year. If interested, please send us samples of your singing and clear photos or videoclips of your performance.

Material can be submitted right here on our Facebook page or to:"

This is obviously an incredible opportunity for all you growlers out there. If you can, I highly suggest you try out.

Hopefully Matt isn't dealing with anything too terrible, and this may just be another case of a musician choosing quality of life over making music. It's getting dicier out there trying to make a living in just about any industry, but the options for musicians are running thin. That's just personal speculation, of course, and in no way am I certain of what his reasons were for leaving. I wish him all the best in his future projects though, and if lack of income had anything to do with it, then I certainly feel his pain.

My fingers are crossed for the guys and gal of Armageddon, and hopefully they can find a suitable stand-in before their next round of engagements.

Man. It's f$%king tough out there.

For those who aren't aware, excerpted from their bio:

"Armageddon first came to life in Sweden in 1997 as a studio project, with cult album "Crossing the Rubicon", a sci-fi themed concept album. Two more albums followed, "Embrace the Mystery" in 2000 and "Three" in 2003, both featuring different line-ups and different musical directions, Christopher Amott being the sole original member.

Armageddon is now resurrected in its most powerful form. The band is based out of New York City, and has brought unto itself a crushing line-up of musicians. Together they have once again conjured up the force that is ARMAGEDDON.

The new album CAPTIVITY & DEVOURMENT consists of 10 awe-inspiring and ingeniously crafted songs, full of devastating riffs, soaring guitar leads and fist pumping choruses. Heavy, melodic, technical, and groovy: this is creative metal songwriting with one foot in deep in the classics and and one eye gazing towards the distant future."

Captivity & Devourment is slated for release in North America on release on January 20th, 2015 via Listenable Records. It'll be available in our web shop, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping your local metal community when you buy your CDs or digital downloads through us.

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