Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wayne Static, Vocalist/Guitarist of Static X, Dead at 48

Wayne Static, STATIC X
Some heavy news today... Wayne Static, frontman of Static X, has died today at the age of 48 from a suspected drug overdose (though no cause has been 100% confirmed as of this posting).

UPDATE: It has been reported that Wayne died in his sleep.

Perhaps even sadder is that he was slated to co-headline a tour with his solo band and Powerman 5000 beginning on November 6th.

My heart goes out to his friends, family and fans. Rest well, Wayne.

Another musician defeated by drugs - one of the most brutal adversaries facing society today. May all those who struggle with or watch loved ones struggle with addiction find strength, peace, healing, and above all... a way out before it's too late.

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