Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saint Vitus Vocalist Detained for Illegal Substances by Norwegian Police


About an hour ago, Saint Vitus released this statement on their FB page regarding an incident that has resulted in Wino being unable to finish out their European/Scandinavian tour:

"Saint Vitus would like to regretfully inform all of our European fans that our lead vocalist Wino was detained by the Norwegian police and immigrations officers for possession of illegal substances since Sunday November 9th. As of 4 pm yesterday evening (Nov. 11th) we were informed by his Norwegian defense attorney that he would more than likely be released that same day and be able to continue the remaining dates of our European tour. This morning we received notification that Wino was being deported today back to the U.S. with no hope to remain in Scandanavia or anywhere in the EU.


Our sincere apologies to all of our fans, the promoters, booking agents and especially our Norwegian fans and promoter for the cancelled show. We will still deliver the HEAVY sound to all of our friends in Europe and it is our hope that everyone will understand our position to go forward with the remaining dates without Wino. David Chandler and Henry Vasquez along with a few surprise guests will take over vocal duties and this will be a rare opportunity to see Vitus with main songwriter David Chandler vocalizing his tormented tales of pain, heartache and DOOM. We hope to still see all of you on our remaining dates. FUCK THAT WEAK SHIT!!!!"

br> So it seems we'll be seeing a sort of Saint Vitus karaoke across the pond for the next little while. I hope Wino isn't dabbling in anything too serious, though. I'd hate to report on another metal head death by heroin or some other awful thing.

Damnit, Wino, stick to pot in the future. Please? It's way safer than whatever the hell you were detained for. Keep making music and stick around for a while.

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