Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Iris Divine Announces New Album Deets on "Karma Sown"

IRIS DIVINE - Karma Sown

Finally! Fans of Iris Divine (like myself) are finally treated to news today on their forthcoming album, Karma Sown. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

Iris Divine has announced the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s double EP “CONVERGENCE”. “KARMA SOWN” – the band’s first true full-length record – arrives at last this December. “KARMA SOWN” was recorded by Drew Mazurek in Baltimore, MD and Zinkferd Studios in Woodbridge, VA with the band self-producing and Drew Mazurek engineering and mixing. Mastering was done by Brian J. Anthony.

The album offers a unique perspective on progressive hard rock/metal, fusing a dark, heavy, and alternative sound with melodic vocals, ambient keys, and a technicality expressed through exciting, concise passages and fluid meter shifts rather than lengthy solos. The band’s song-oriented approach emphasizes memorable hooks and song structure, but the attentive listener is further rewarded by a myriad of musical details and deceptively complex bass and rhythmic changes.

“This record is the authentic, sincere expression of emotion and composition by a band that considers itself a power trio at heart; we love the musical communication and interplay of a three piece, and hopefully that comes through in the songs”, states band guitarist/vocalist Navid Rashid. This focus on emotional experience extends to the lyrics, which explore universal human themes of conflict and redemption as they affect us individually and in how we relate to one another.

Iris Divine is just now starting to reveal its potential as a dynamic, creative entity with the release of its first full-length record. The band is excited to connect with wider prog, rock, and metal audiences around the world and can’t wait for them to hear it.

KARMA SOWN” will be available as a CD digipak with full color artwork and lyrics and can also be purchased as a digital download.

Track listing:

1. The Everlasting Sea (6:19)
2. Fire Of The Unknown (5:32)
3. A Suicide Aware (5:23)
4. Mother’s Prayer (5:39)
5. Prisms (6:10)
6. In Spirals (6:29)
7. Apathy Rains (5:21)
8. In The Wake Of Martyrs (7:59)

Iris Divine is: Navid Rashid (vocals, guitar), Brian Dobbs (bass), and Kris Combs (drums, keys/programming).

These guys happen to be one of our featured bands and, in my opinion, also one of the single-most talented bands our area has to offer. Learn a bit more about these guys here, or check out their FB/Bandcamp/Reverb/Youtube for more on this tantalizing trio!

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