Monday, November 24, 2014

Fresh New Tracks from Yesterday's Saints

WARNING: The tracks you're about to stream below are moshingly heavy. Do not listen in a crowded place, lest you inadvertently start the circle pit from hell!

Alexandria's own Yesterday's Saints has been teasing us with a few new tracks from their upcoming album set for a February release.

The band posted a few words touching on the latest new track tease for "The Recruitment" and the story behind it:

"As promised, A NEW SONG! In Origen Adamantius, Satan recognizes he can usurp the throne of God. Here in The Recruitment he does just that. He recruits rebel angels (stars in the sky) to help him start the war in heaven."

Gotta love a good old epic battle set in oblivion! I may be a witch, but I will say that the Bible is some good reading if you like your fiction full of bloody gore and insanity. It almost makes you wonder if most Christians ever really even read the damn thing for themselves, as opposed to some perv fundie pastor or revivalist telling them that "God hates fags" or whatever other intolerant nonsense they go on about these days.

Anywho, here are the tracks these vetted virtuosos have laid down upon us thus far. Go ahead, you deserve a little treat - it's Monday after all. ;)

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