Sunday, November 9, 2014

Draconian Laying Tracks for New Album; Streaming New Song

Daniel Arvidsson of DRACONIANIf you love doom metal - like, really artistically composed and beautifully morose doom metal with heavy and heavenly all in the same track - you will absolutely love Draconian.

Even if, for some reason, you aren't typically a fan of clean vocals mixed into your doomicus metallicus, give them a shot. I promise it will change all you thought you knew about operatic vocals in metal. They really aren't just for the power crowd. It can and DOES work well in every subgenre that exists in metal today, so long as that soprano has the talent to translate the bleakness required to really suck it down to that bittersweet level of doomosity. Trust me; I doom, therefore I know this to be truth.

Naturally, as I hear them start whispering about new albums on the horizon, I'm gonna get excited... and frankly, so should you be getting chuffed to see their next and newest release.

Not much is known of it, yet. At least as far as the name goes. They began recording the album at Top Floor Studios around October 1st, and that picture of guitarist Daniel Arvidsson behind his weapon of choice is the latest proof of the goings-on. Driven by the success they've recently had on the heels of their first performance with their new vocalist at Metal Female Voices Fest over in Europe (you lucky dogs), their forthcoming album will undoubtedly be one of their best so far. Then again, they hail from the magical land of Säffle, Sweden, and much like their Swedish brethren in Katatonia, anything they really touch turns to gold.

Metal & High Heels did this interview with them at MFVF featuring their new brilliant vocalist Heike Langhans, and it'll serve to acquaint you with the new pipes behind Draconian a little better.

Not that the former ones weren't equally lovely, but for once I'm actually okay with a vocalist change. Shock!! I've never been able to accept vocalist changes well, case in point being Nightwish or Kamelot. Both of those bands I can really no longer enjoy as I once did because of my fondness for Tarja and Roy Khan, and the fact that the ones who succeeded them just weren't quite as up-to-snuff in my view. This is a total departure from that. I love, love Draconian's new vocalist.

You can stream one of the tracks from the new album below (it's a live version from MFVF, but still hauntingly badass).

If I could tell Anders, Johan, Heike, Daniel, Jerry, and Fredrik one thing, it would be this: Enjoy your success! It's been hard-fought and earned, and well-deserved. I and the thousands of fans that adore your music cannot wait to partake in the fruit of your labors and jam out to the next set of small masterpieces you have in store for us. Vive le métal! - or as you in Sweden may say, Länge leve undergång!

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