Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DevilDriver Loses Two Members As American Metal Scene Continues to Unravel

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In what can only be described as totally uninteresting, Dez Fafara released the following statement according to the DevilDriver FB page:

"Hey everyone. What a blast Knotfest was. No better way to end the Winter Kills cycle. With the end of this cycle comes some other endings. John Boecklin, Jeff Kendrick and DevilDriver have parted ways. Nothing dramatic, no drag down fights, just time to move on. As I have said previously, DevilDriver is on hiatus while I re join Coal Chamber for a new record release and tour. DevilDriver will be back, make no mistake of that, in 2016 with a new record which we are already writing, tours around the world and the massive pits you have all gotten used to. All in DevilDriver wish John and Jeff the best.

Am I the only one who doesn't really give a shit about this? Coal Chamber was never really my bag. Never really enjoyed them. And DevilDriver, while they're a fun band to see leading up to the headliner you really went to catch, they're not particularly extraordinary.

It seems like every day, more and more bands from across the spectrum (though mostly American fad metal that cropped up in spades over recent years... you know, all those bands that don't really identify with any genre yet all sound like more of the same) are either making strategic choices to maximize their profit margin or just giving it up altogether in pursuit of something that will actually put food on the table. Everywhere, the struggle seems to be increasing and no one is immune.

I'm starting to lose hope that we'll ever find a way to re-establish "musician" as a viable career path.

Tough luck for us, right? We'll just have to jam for free on the evenings when we aren't slaving away to our capitalist overlords from here on out. People are starting to care a lot less about music and more about surviving, and that's never a good sign.

Oh well. DD is hiatus-ing, like many, many others are doing lately. Big whoop.

Can't wait to finally start hearing some good news again, but I feel like it's going to take a little while. The only exciting things that are happening at present are at the local level, so I suggest you keep on nuturing your metal brothers and sisters in arms until we finally get these bands the recognition they deserve for all their thankless hard work.

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