Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cassandra Syndrome Cancels Farewell Show, Is Officially Over (and we, officially bummed)


Well, it's really official now. Cassandra Syndrome has announced that they're dunzo - even going so far as to say that their album release show, scheduled for September 20th, has been cancelled.

Pre-orders for the album are still available, and it'll still be released on that date, but that will be the last we ever hear of this ensemble. All of them together like this, at least. CS as we knew them is no more.

This band has done a lot for the local metal community, whether or not it is commonly known. They were the only band I'd heard of prior to my full immersement into the scene, meaning they marketed themselves and conducted themselves well. They've brought shows together and people together, little by little, crossing over the threshold that so many bands that attempt operatic metal have difficulty surmounting. Truly a talented group made up of some incredibly talented minds.

Their presence here will be sorely missed.

Order the final album here.

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