Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Belphegor guitarist Helmuth Lehner's mother is "at her end", cancels North American tour

BELPHEGOR - Conjuring the DeadBelphegor's frontman and guitarist Helmuth Lehner is the best son a mother could ask for. He's issued the following statement in regards to the situation and announced plans to cancel their North American tour.

"After fighting many months now (the last 4 months have been terrible), my mother is at the end. Her body is decaying more and more and will not survive the next weeks (maybe days) or will fall in coma soon. I will not risk being away at this time."

While this sucks for all of us who were hoping to see them, it's completely understandable. Wishing him and his mother all the peaceful and healing vibes I can muster, and hope that his mother's journey is kind and easy.

Is it just me, or does it seem like darkness is descending on a shitload of us right now? Now is the winter of our discontent, indeed. We could all use some positive vibes, in this chick's opinion.

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