Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beelzefuzz Breaks Up

Damn shame. Up-and-coming doom metallers Beelzefuzz have posted this cryptic graphic on their Facebook page, insinuating that the end is nigh for them:

RIP Beelzefuzz

To our knowledge, they had quite a few appearances on schedule in the coming months with Pale Divine and others, as well as a festival in Delaware and the group was seemingly gaining some great momentum.

It's always a shame to see the heart taken out of bands with such skill and promise, and though there has been no official announcement or explanation as to why they have decided to disband, one can safely assume that the chances it had to do with a lack of funds to be able to make all of these show dates or maintain/procure proper equipment are somewhat high.

Perhaps life will once again be breathed into the project, be it under the flag of Beelzefuzz or in the form of other projects for the bands' members. Whatever the case, we are sad to see them go and wish them all the best.

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