Friday, August 8, 2014

Landless Theatre Company's Prog Metal Version of Sweeney Todd Opened Last Night

Sweeney Todd goes metal! (photo credit: Brandon Penick Photography)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a play many read in their youth, and many more discovered when it was adapted to film years later. The screenplay is brilliantly written, the story is poignant, humorous, and bittersweet, yet altogether bleak and dismal. It perfectly and artfully displays the depths of a darkened soul on so even a level as only one who has tread darkness themselves could ever hope to articulate, or even understand.

The original screenplay itself is genius, so there seemed to be few ways to improve upon it - but the Landless Theatre Company has found the perfect way (and quite possibly, in my opinion, the only way) to do just that. Such a bloody, brutal and beautiful play deserves to be set to the finest prog metal (or progressive metal, for those who aren't familiar) music our infinitely talented local community has to offer! With this idea, and with the help of voices from such talented frontwomen as Irene Jericho of Cassandra Syndrome and Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder and exceptional actors such as Andrew Lloyd Baughman, they have created a play that captured the attentions of Sondheim himself!

Andrew said this of last night's opening:

"It is incredible to be making some humble part of theatre history with this unique production and building bridges between the theatre and metal communities. Last night we got this beast of a show on its feet, and we'll continue to tweak and develop the show and music to show Mr. Sondheim later in the month. We're psyched to have audiences share in the development of the Prog Metal Version of Sweeney Todd!"

Things have started off well for the first of their 16 performances and tickets have been steadily moving since the Washington Post and other outlets took notice and started covering the ambitious project.

I myself hope to catch at least two of them, and countless others have expressed their excitement to see #MetalSweeney.

This is an incredibly gifted cast being directed by a right proper and cutting-edge theatre company, so it's nothing like any "community theatre"-esque, badly butchered production you may have seen in theatres in your hometown. These guys are pros, and what's more is that they really and truly love what they do and strive to ever improve upon themselves. It will show in every look, every word and every note that is sung, and you couldn't have put this project into more capable hands, or imaginative minds.

The shows will all be held between August 7-30, 2014 at Warehouse Theatre-645 New York Ave, NW, in Washington, DC. All tickets are $25, with the exception of one date. Here is the full performance schedule:

Judge TurpinFriday, August 8th @ 8pm [ Buy Tickets ]
Saturday, August 9th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Sunday, August 10th @ 2pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Thursday, August 14th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Friday, August 15th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Saturday, August 16th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Sunday, August 17th @ 2pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Thursday, August 21st @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Friday, August 22nd @ 8pm
Buy Tickets ]
Saturday, August 23rd @ 8pm
(Tickets for this date are $100, performance/after party at Lost and Found)
[ Buy Tickets ]
Sunday, August 24th @ 2pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Thursday, August 28th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Friday, August 29th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Saturday, August 30th @ 8pm
[ Buy Tickets ]
Sunday, August 31st @ 2pm
[ Buy Tickets ]

Hmm, I wonder if the reason for the tickets being higher on 9/23 is because that's when Sondheim will be in attendance? If that's the case, I advise you to spend the extra to meet a fucking legend in musical theatre.

Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett (Nina Osegueda)

[ photos courtesy of Brandon Penick Photography ]

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