Friday, August 8, 2014

A Sound of Thunder Unveils Details for Kickstarter-Funded New Album, "The Lesser Key of Solomon"

This just in via Metal Underground:

A Sound of Thunder, the DC-based power group that has enjoyed quite a bit of success with their "intense yet nuanced" style reminiscent of the Iron Maiden era of metal will be releasing their Kickstarter-funded full-length album, The Lesser Key of Solomon, on September 9th of this year via the band's own label, Mad Neptune Records.

Nina Osegueda, the band's frontwoman (and until the end of August, Mrs. Lovett in Landless Theatre Company's Sweeney Todd: Prog Metal Version) said this of the forthcoming release.

"If your erection lasts longer than four hours, you probably listened to our new album. Also, you're welcome. On a serious note, this album is our best work to date. The songwriting and performances from the band are on another level. The album was a joy to make and that comes through in the final recording."

The album will run for 61 minutes and will be available on CD, limited deluxe vinyl-book format, and as a digital download.

More info about the album can be found here.

Track Listing:

A SOUND OF THUNDER - The Lesser Key of Solomon1. Nexus Of Realities
2. Udoroth
3. Fortune Teller
4. The Boy Who Could Fly
5. Elijah
6. Master Of Pain
7. Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
8. Black Secrets
9. One Empty Grave
10. House Of Bones

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