Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Sound of Thunder Shows Some Hospitality to Visiting Fan From Germany

Jesse Keen and Josh Schwartz of ASOT hanging with fan Gerko on his visit to the states from across the pond!Here again is another excellent example of why exemplary local/unsigned bands are some of the best bands - containing the best people.

Powerhouse power-metallers of A Sound of Thunder received an email from a fan overseas, saying that he happened to be in town.

If he had sent that email to a behemoth American metalcore band, he probably wouldn't have even gotten a response. Not like it's the band's fault, of course, but when you have a zillion fans it just isn't humanly possible to answer each and every one of them.

But this isn't some overblown, egotistical or elitist band. This is A Sound of Thunder we're talking about, who is made up of some of the coolest people on earth. They have enjoyed some well-deserved, respectable success during their time as a band, but they have yet to let it go to their heads nor effect their music.

So, being the classy guys they are, they took it upon themselves to reach out to the fan, Gerko, and gave him a warm American welcome complete with beers and CDs!

A Sound of Thunder also shared the above photo from Gerko, who stated within its caption (translated from German, poorly as my German is) that the band plans to "make the crossing" within two years. I think it is safe to say that a world tour may definitely be in the works for them in future!

To Gerko, should he ever happen across this - well done to you sir for taking the time to seek out quality metal and for showing your support to ASOT! Even if it wasn't expressed as clearly, your actions will serve to encourage and motivate these guys - and when you're a talented musician/band getting established, you're going to need all the encouragement and kindness you can get to offset the many obstacles and rejections we face on the journey forward.

Since I know some of you reading are from Europe, and with many of you from Germany, allow me to thank you endlessly for keeping track of your favorite bands through us, and on behalf of the entire US Mid-Atlantic metal community - WE LOVE YOU GUYS and your supremely windmill-worthy metal. Keep coming to see us!

We'd come to see you, but seeing as how you guys have superior government over there and ours is kind of, well, shite, you'll probably get the money to make three trips before we'll earn enough to make one. Take comfort in the knowledge that pretty much 90% of all highly-intelligent people here in the states wish they lived over there. ;)

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