Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wanna Hear A New Song From Darkest Hour?


Darkest Hour, as you may have heard, finally set a release date for their upcoming album that's been quite a long time coming.

Fret not, disciples of metal - instant gratification is nigh! They've posted this track off the impending release. It's entitled "Wasteland", and it sounds a bit familiar although I can't quite remember if it was one of the new tracks they played during their last show at The Fillmore Silver Spring. (Partly because for me and the husband, the night quickly became "Drunkest Hour" and the details get a bit fuzzy near the end...)

Badass, amirite? Of course it is. It's fucking Darkest Hour!

They bring the kind of metal that only the guys and gals of the Mid-Atlantic region of fucked-up America can bring. Ultra-heavy, inventive, rule-bending, powerful, and angry fuckin' metal.

DARKEST HOURAlso, all of us wish we lived in Europe or Scandinavia, so we're just as awesome as you guys, really. You can start giving us all citizenship now,so we can rule the realms of metal together, as one! We very much dislike our country and should have rightfully been born in one of yours. So please, save us - your long-lost children - from this insane mistake of a country known as the United States.

Ahem. Sorry about that. (But seriously, Europe, save us!)

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