Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Upon A Burning Body Thinks Any Publicity Is Good Publicity (Hint: It's Not)

Wow. Upon A Burning Body thinks abduction is an absolutely genius way to get publicity. Any press is good press, right?

When someone is of that opinion, it is usually a big red flag and signal of a big, fat, fucking douchebag. This particular case is a good example.

Some pretty fucked-up tweets were posted by frontman Danny Leal and company insinuating that some terrible fate may have befallen Leal. Perhaps it should've, considering the whole thing turned up to be a wicked little plot by the band to gain some free publicity for something that no one ever wants to have earned the publicity for - a seemingly tragic disappearance.

Rightfully, the CEO of Sumerian Records Ash Avildsen was pretty fucking pissed at their ill-humored shenanigans. He wasted no time in calling them the fuck out. Good for him!

These were his exact words on the matter:

"I woke up to a ton of missed calls and just saw all this stuff about Danny Leal of UABB posing as that he's been abducted or kidnapped. My phone hasn't stopped ringing since. As a child, we all learn the story 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and it sticks within our consciousness for a reason. I do not condone this type of publicity stunt. This was done behind my back and I am not OK with it. In my eyes, there's never a time to use the possibility of real-life abduction, injury or murder of someone you care about to promote anything, especially an album. If you need to resort to that, then you have lost the plot. We as a society should have evolved past that way of thinking by now and especially within the rock/metal community, given all the tragedy that has happened in our world over the past few years. There are some people who owe us an apology. -Ash Avildsen, Creator & CEO of Sumerian Records."

Glad to see that someone saw through that promptly and exposed these losers for the self-important filth they have made themselves out to be with the execution of this farce.

The band was promoting an album, but I won't even bother with the title or release date here because they don't fucking deserve a mention, period.

If they happen "Upon" this article, I would want them to know that I sincerely hope none of you ever actually experience the terror and grief of a situation like that. You wouldn't be able to handle it, you fucking pussies.

Sure, you've gotten your name out there with this little charade, but anyone with sense will associate your name with shitheadery and fucktardery for the rest of your miserable careers - and the only fans you gain will be deluded fucking douchenozzles just like you.

FUCK these guys. Just my two cents.

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