Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Woman in Black Descends on Winchester - Here's What This Resident Thinks

#womaninblack (photo: The Daily Dot)I always imagined that my only chance to live in a city that garnered national attention passed after I fled left DC. Not so, apparently - my new stomping grounds have achieved it thanks to the now famous "Woman in Black".

Word has it that she has chosen Winchester, Virginia to be her new home. People are anxious as to why this place was chosen, probably imagining she is some great Biblical prophet or here to accomplish some sort of mission. I say her mission seems pretty clear from what information has come out about her - and pretty personal, too. As much as it is being said on social media, people should translate their actions into words and perhaps actually leave the poor woman alone. She's in mourning.

How do I know this? Well, according to The Daily Dot, the woman's name is Elizabeth Poles, a mother of two, who is apparently grieving the loss of her husband and more recently, her father. If she is indeed in a state of mourning, perhaps she walks in remembrance of them and wants to be closer to the earth to receive Her healing energies in a more direct way. That would make a lot of sense, and no matter what religion or realm of spirituality you cling to, there will be a friendly group around this area that will take you in and make you part of their family complete with unconditional love in a heartbeat.

That's one reason I always wanted this area to be my home, especially after I started having kids. Winchester used to be a place I would go to even before I knew what or where it really was. When life was the darkest, I took my car (and only valuable possession at the time) and just drove. No specific destination, just to wherever called out the loudest. That direction usually ended up being west in the mountains not at all far from the crazy civilization known as Northern VA or the DC Metro area.

I found a large community of fellow witches and other spiritually-intelligent people of many religions and lifestyles in this area, all within a larger community of locals that did not treat their fellow men and women with contempt, but rather with kindness and a helping heart - things like having the door held open for you, letting you in on the highway or helping you carry something to your car were everyday occurrences.

In the several years since then, more folk from the east have migrated towards the invigorating pull of the mountainous western part of the state and the WV border. Even the pissy outsiders trying to make their homes here and preserve their Loudoun county self-entitled attitude cannot mar the spirits of us true mountain dwellers, who still relay kindness as best we can - and scorn where it is deserved when one of ours is being bothered by someone who doesn't know how things work around here.

I was told once that the mountains here possess some sort of strange yet powerful energy that exudes from the ground rich in magnetism, minerals and history laden with emotions of the past. Some can't live among it, I was told, because the constant presence of it is something that those with shallower souls or weaker constitutions can not handle. I believe it, but I live for it... the feeling, anyway. It's like a shower for your soul. All you need do is step outside and instantly you are cleansed and healed. Depending on the severity and nature of your wound, you may need to spend more time out among the many mountainous forests to gain all the healing energies you need to make yourself right again, but it is possible with the help of the mountains. Especially if you love and respect them - they will make their love for you clearly known in the form of good fortune, spiritual well-being and total peace.

And so, to the Woman in Black, should she ever come across this:

You have come to the right place, and all of us from the mountains welcome you to your new home, be it temporary or permanent. You may find some around who adhere to the insufferable eastern mannerisms more commonly found in DC or Loudoun county, as they are not far and more come to discover the beauty of this place every day. However, for every one of those you see, there will be three of us - the kinds of people who treat all around them with kindness and consideration, who will happily respect your privacy when you need it and rally around you should you instead need our aid.

There are a litany of energies at your disposal, not just from the mountains, but from all of us who live close to them and love them. All you need do is ask, and we'll direct ours to you for use however you see fit.

Enjoy your stay, and don't let the gawkers and eastern-minded onlookers perturb you. Remember why you were really drawn here, whatever that reason may be, and revel in the majesty and magick of the mountains and forests. Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Athiest - it matters little how you define your spirituality or lack thereof. You will find the peace you seek there.

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