Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MindMaze Prepares To Unleash "Back From The Edge", Mixing/Recording Complete

Jeff of MindMazeborder=Jeff Teets, the guitarist/keyboardist of talented and incredible power metal band MindMaze (who are based out of PA and happen to have an amazing lady vocalist fronting them) has announced via Facebook post that the album is finally complete!
We are officially DONE recording/mixing Back from the Edge!!! The disc will be out of my hands and on its way to be pressed tomorrow! Unbelievable thanks to everyone who helped make this album possible - I'm not going to attempt to tag people because there's just entirely too many between the band, the guests, our backers, and everyone else who helped make this album a reality. Stay tuned for more awesome news soon!

Exciting! I really can't wait for this. Their previous release, Mask of Lies was fucking superb stuff. If I had to guess, this next piece of work will be impressive I daresay.

They were just at the Women of Metal Fest in Pittsburgh last weekend along with A Sound of Thunder, Theatrum Mundi and many other supremely awesome metal ensembles that happened to feature talented female musicians. I was supposed to go, but thanks to a ravaging migraine I was unable to make it and am sorely bummed. I still plan on buying a t-shirt from them, somehow, to show my support in lieu of attendance. As it so happens, a ton of others showed up and caught some killer performances, so at least they did well in my stead! Hopefully I'll get to visit them next year, either as a fan or as a vocalist in a band that's set to perform there. ;)

You'll be the first I run and tell when more is announced, so keep your ears and eyes open! This band you'll want to keep a close watch over.

MINDMAZE - Back From The Edge

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