Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lamb of God Drummer Partners with Richmond Guy To Open New Restaurant

According to Loudwire, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler announced he had entered into a partnership with Richmond guy and restaurant owner Will "Mac" McCormack to open a new restaurant, called Big Whisky Grill, near the west end of the city.

The original restaurant of the same name has a location open already in the Fan District of Richmond. They've had enough success though to warrant the opening of this second location - which will hold up to 600 people! Holy fuck.

Adler says of the endeavor:

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m not good at sitting still. The down time has been a great way for us to reconnect with family and friends, and in doing so, I’ve found myself in a position to keep pushing. I’ve partnered up with my good buddy Mac to open one of the largest and extensive Whisky bars in the nation. We are building out now and the ideas in process are incredible.”

As Loudwire describes it, the place sounds like it'll be fucking awesome. They will carry a selection of over 2,000 spirits, including a 700-bottle whisky selection, 150 craft beers and a 200-bottle wine selection - and to top it all off, they are currently working towards being able to furnish patrons with a "high-end" cigar room.

FINALLY! A place where we can still smoke and eat! They're becoming rare, and since I'm trying to quit I'd like to enjoy my last days as a smoker, thank you.

Adler has also boasted the new joint will have a two-kitchen system, allowing them to safely serve everyone including those with food allergies or sensitivities. His wife is apparently a sufferer of severe food allergies and claims he has "first hand knowledge" of just how tricky it can be trying to dine out with that in mind. He says he is "driven to create a safe environment for any dietary concern" because of this.

What a stand-up guy. Take note, boys - that is how you treat your woman.

Adler also said that you might be able to find him behind the bar serving up all that tasty liquor. I particularly love how he chose to express this:

“I won’t be in the back behind a purple rope holding court,” says the drummer. “I’ll be behind the bar serving up the gold. We are stoked and hope to create a friendly and classy place for our community and visitors from all around.”

There you have it! Who wants to road trip with me to Richmond? Husband, I'm looking at you - this was one of your favorite bands, after all. ;)

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