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King Diamond vs. Former Bassist Hal Patino - Lotsa Drama

ALL HAIL THE KINGI've officially lost all respect for Hal Patino, former bassist for King Diamond. In an act of defiant blasphemy following the termination of his place in the band, he dared to call our great King a "tired, bitter old man".

For this treasonous statement, he must pay with his head!

Ok, well, not really... but still, what the ever-loving fuck is going on with this guy?

After evaluating what both parties have said, I'm more inclined to trust our beloved sovereign on this one. All things considered, this seems like a clear-cut case of a disgruntled employee trying to exact some sort of revenge or salvage his reputation by attempting to sully the reputation of his employer.

Here is what the King himself had to say on the matter, taken from a post on his Facebook page.


When someone puts out extreme lies about you and your character, there comes a time when you put a stop to it.

This is that time.

In the following, I will prove everything I say and I challenge Hal Patino to do the same with what he said.

HAL'S STATEMENT: „I will not go into every detail, but the salary I was offered to headline Wacken Open Air, and the 4 other shows this summer was totally ridiculous.

Two days before the first rehearsal day, I wrote an e-mail explaining my view on that topic along with a proposal for a fair and realistic salary for these shows, For this, they accused me of’ "blackmailing" !!!

I found it disrespectful, and told them that if that is how I get treated after 19 years, we part immediately !!

So I already left the band on Thursday the 17th of July, by my own choice.”

First of all, I have no problem disclosing the band salary for the European shows. For these 5 shows, it is €1000 per festival show. This salary does not include per diems for days not played on (which is on top of the salary), plus all shipping, travel, maintenance, strings, drum sticks, insurance, hotel; in short, the company bears all expenses.

We do not headline Wacken Open Air. In reality, we don't even headline the Black Stage. Sometimes the headliner is not the last band playing on a specific stage. As far as I know, Motorhead playing right before us are the headliner for Friday August 1st on the Black Stage.

After them, Slayer plays on the Main Stage and they are the Wacken headliner for Friday. Then we cool everything down on the Black Stage from midnight.

I don't remember who cools down the Main Stage after us.

I'm not gonna get into details on how our registered company in Denmark is run, but it's a full company with year round expenses, and if it wasn't for Wacken this year, I could guarantee that there wouldn't be a US tour in the autumn.

The two indoor shows in Berlin and Tilburg are straight losses, even if sold out.

On top of this comes EVERYTHING involved in a tour and our company is unfortunately not at the level of Megadeth, Slayer, etc, and can only offer what's possible.

We can't go and get loans in the bank to pay Hal's salary, however minor it may seem.

If Hal didn’t find that satisfactory, no one kept him from leaving. I just wish he hadn’t brought this up on the very day/evening I arrived in Denmark (17th of July). He’s had an entire year to think about this, and he brings it up now.

An important fact with regard to the salaries is that the entire crew and band from last year’s European tour is identical to both the European shows we’re about to do now and the US shows later this year, except for Hal.

It seems everybody is satisfied with what the company can offer at this point, except for Hal.

It doesn’t interest me one way or another whether Hal quit the band or he was asked to leave. It’s exactly the same result.

It is interesting though that Hal shipped his gear at the company’s expense to the rehearsal facilities on the very date (17th of July) when he claims that he quit the band. We have the receipt for that with stamped date. You can also see in his official statement that he says that he was willing to try to fly in for some of the early rehearsals from Norway. We’re talking after the 17th of July, which again, doesn’t make sense. Why would he want to try to arrange to fly in for rehearsals from Norway after he already quit the band?

HAL'S STATEMENT: „It’s typical King to say that I’m fired - he did the same to me back in 1990 when he told the press that I was kicked out of the band due to lack of enthusiasm and drug problems.

That was NOT the reason … It was just Too much touring, King got dropped by Roadrunner Records, and I wanted to go in another direction.

He did the same to my best friends Mikkey Dee and Pete Blakk.”

These are extremely insulting and pathetic lies.

First of all, would Hal EVER have come back to play for King Diamond if I had lied to the press about him being fired in 1990 due to drug problems?

Hal was taken back into the band, sometime after he had asked us in 2000 (I believe it was) at one of our rehearsals, which he was attending with his son, if he could ever get another chance. He swore he was totally clean and that he didn’t even drink anymore.

This, back then, made him a true hero to me, but this has of course changed now. I just don’t trust him enough anymore to rely on his contributions.

Next, can anybody explain to me what it means when Hal says that the reason he was fired was instead „too much touring”? What does this mean? When did anyone ever get fired for too much touring??

I would like Hal to present the letter from Roadrunner saying they were dropping us from the label, if he can. This is another outright lie.

Most of you already know that we bought our way out of Roadrunner by delivering to them „King Diamond Abigail LIVE 1987”, plus „Mercyful Fate – Return of the Vampire”. I also have the contract to prove this, and will gladly scan it in for all to see when I return to Dallas.

The whole problem with trust culminated while we were in the studio recording The Eye, at which time Ole Bang, Andy LaRocque and myself can vouch to the fact that Hal Patino was not to be found anywhere when he was supposed to lay down bass tracks. No one could find him, no matter how many phone calls we placed.

We ended up spending seven days watching the walls of expensive Sweet Silence studios in Denmark with absolutely nothing to do but sit and hope that Hal Patino would show up at some point.

This is actually part of the reason why we had to buy our way out from the Roadrunner contract. We were so under recouped that the label, with good reason I guess, wanted to take the over expenditure off our next recording budget.

This was simply not an option if we were to continue as a band at the time.

Seriously Hal, how dare you accuse me of having fired Mikkey Dee?! You might have forgotten, but both Andy and I remember very well Mikkey coming by Sweet Silence studios during The Eye recordings to play us the new Dokken album, which he had just recorded with them.

I have never uttered a bad word about Mikkey, whom I’ve always had the highest respect for, both as a drummer and as a person. And he knows that.

Pete Blakk had some problems like you during the recording of The Eye and the US tour prior to that, which at the time made him unreliable. A situation I think everybody knows he took care of in a very noble way.

HAL'S STATEMENT: „I am in Norway at the moment and will play two live shows with my other band, I told the KD camp that I would be able to fly back and forth so I did not miss the two first rehearsals - and the next thing I read is a statement from King where it says that I'm fired.”

Again, how is it possible to fire someone who has already quit???


I would like to address Hal, if he reads this.

Personally, I don’t care if it says you quit, was let go, or whatever with regards to what has happened, but we will obviously never be working together again. There is no trust left.

We can stop it at that, or you can continue if you want, just don’t forget that I know so many of the people you associate with just as well as you, and I know what’s going on in your life.

Your real problem is really not what we’ve been talking about these past couple of days, right?

You know, in the end, I’m really trying to be nice about this.


I will not be including Hal's complete statement, as King Diamond included and addressed all the pertinent statements regarding the situation. The rest of it is just him attempting to promote himself and I'm not trying to give someone who is acting like a self-centered asswipe the time of day on my site.

One of the main reasons I'm siding with KD is because he is clearly trying to be the bigger man about the situation. He is mature enough to know that airing other's dirty laundry in public does absolutely nothing to resolve the underlying problem. He had the opportunity to do it, and he had every right to do it given the accusations that Hal recklessly accosted him with - especially when it came to the outright lie of a statement made by the bassist claiming that he was not kicked out for having drug issues nor for a lack of enthusiasm.

No, I don't have definitive proof that he was or wasn't an addict, but the way in which he worded his view of the situation - that he was let go because, and I quote, "It was just too much touring". Those sentences are full of so much bullshit you can fucking smell it. He was as vague as humanly possible and it seemed as though he was just pulling reasons out of his ass on the spot to try and turn the situation around on KD when in fact, he only makes himself look like an ass since he is unwilling to explain without a doubt what actually happened yet has no qualms about taking cheap shots at the frontman.

I SMELL BULLSHIT. Hal's statement reeks of it.

Then he goes on to say that his "die-hard" fans should keep up with his other projects. I'm sorry... what? They aren't your die-hard fans, fuckstick - they're King Diamond's. How many fans do your other bands have, buddy? You know, Ammunition and Rock 'N Roll Adventure?

Seriously, those are some terrible fucking names for bands. That's the best you could do, brah?

I mean, the one band name from that other project you're in is okay - Nordic Beast - but Mikkey Dee probably thought up the name.

One thing in particular that really pissed me off about Hal's statement was that he attempts to use his son to garner either sympathy or compassion, claiming that his efforts to "help" his son's projects weren't met with understanding from the rest of KD, and that he'll be working on an album with his kid that he insists you should check out because it's going to be an awesome Alice Cooper-esque concept album.

If I was King Diamond and you tried hawking some shit like that, whether it was for your child or not, I'd tell you to fuck off, too.

Don't get me wrong, I love Alice Cooper, but you are NOT Alice Cooper. When I want to listen to AC, I'll go and listen to AC. Other than that, let's leave that style in the 80's and in the nostalgic part of our brains. We're on to bigger and better things now. That's the point of writing music, isn't it? To ever improve upon the music of previous years? Sure, integration is 100% fine, if it still sounds original - and more importantly, if it sounds good.

I'm willing to bet his majesty wasn't really a fan of the music of the bands that Hal wanted to promote, and like the benevolent lord he is, it's likely he does not approve of a band getting a free ticket-to-ride for simply being friends with or being related to a more successful musician.

I don't care if you're the child of Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio - you should only be promoted if you've done something to earn it. If your dad is famous but your band sucks, do us all a favor and just fuck off. Us metalheads can smell fakes, phonies, shitty musicians and freeloaders from a mile away, and if your music sounds like shit or sounds like the same old boring garbage we've heard a million times before, we won't buy it.

The icing on the cake is that Hal's son is named Maryann Cotton. So it can easily be inferred that not only is Hal a King of the Hill fan, but he doesn't know the goddamn difference between masculine and feminine monikers and it's likely he had a miserable childhood from all the cruel school kids mocking his name.

Before you get bent out of shape on that one, my maiden last name is Ball, so I know a little bit about getting teased for inheriting an unlucky name. That they would just give their son a common female name seems kinda cruel on their part. Sure, it's hard to find good boy names, but it's not that hard.

In short (I know, too late), I sincerely hope this doesn't affect King Diamond's upcoming show this October here in our area.

We beg of you, your highness, do not forsake your subjects here in the states. We yearn to bask in your glorious vocals and great heaviness.

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