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Jae Pocalypse of Silence The Blind is Inn It For The Kids (Interview)

INN IT FOR THE KIDSAhead of the Benefit for the Children's Inn at NIH - an event which has been affectionately dubbed Inn It For The Kids - that will feature several bands including Silence The Blind, Kalevra, Hydra Kyll, Zekiah and more, I caught up with Jae Pocalypse of Silence The Blind to find out a bit more about one of the most talked-about events in the area.

It is all going down Saturday, July 26th at 5pm in Frederick, Maryland at Cafe 611. Though it's still a couple weeks away, 72 people have RSVP'd to the event's Facebook page as of this writing. Even Yamaha, Korg, Marshall and long list of others have pitched in as sponsors.

Many are stoked about this event, and who better than one of Inn It For The Kids biggest proponents to tell us more?

You are a very strong, outspoken supporter for the cause. Is there a story behind your passion for helping those affected by cancer?

I’m a cancer survivor. Four years in remission as of this month. I had thyroid cancer and I was lucky enough that it was treatable with surgery and radiation. At the time I had really shitty medical insurance and they covered almost nothing in regard to my surgery so I got saddled with a pretty large debt as a result. In order to help make ends meet the local metal community rallied around me and helped me raise around $3K to help me with my bills. It made things manageable and I got back on my feet.

How did this event come to be?

Now that things are better I’m paying it forward. This is actually our second time putting on Inn it for the Kids. About a year after my thyroidectomy surgery I found out about The Children’s Inn through the company that I work for. Right away I knew I had found a cause I believed in. I tapped other local bands as well as local artists and we held the first event at the now defunct Whiskey over in Annapolis. We raised Almost $3K and had a hell of a good time doing it.

Tell us more about Children's Inn and what they do.

Imaging for a minute that you’re 10 years old and you are sick. I mean really sick, maybe one of only 10 people in the entire world with your specific, potentially mortal illness. At the National Institutes of Health (NIH) children who stay at The Inn go through cutting edge, even experimental procedures, in the hopes that it might save their lives. Say your family lives in California, but you’re being treated at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Where are you and your family staying while you’re being treated at NIH? Would you want to go back to a dingy hotel room with nothing to do all evening just wasting time away until the morning when the doctors start your treatment all over again? What kind of life is that? How much money would it cost a family to stay in a hotel for months on end while their child was being treated?

The Children’s Inn is NIH’s answer to all of those questions. The facility has a game room, learning facilities, activities, a playground, athletic courts, a full kitchen, and rooms that a child’s entire family can stay in while they receive treatment. It allows children treated at NIH to stop being patients and just go back to being a kid for a while. It’s a home away from home and it’s free to all who stay there during their or their child’s treatment.

What are a few things that the proceeds will go towards improving/helping/doing?

To be honest I don’t know, they just built a huge new playground at the Inn so I hope it gets used for something awesome like that; however, it could be anything from electric and water bills to new games and entertainment for the kids. We donate 100% of all of Inn it for the Kids’ proceeds to the Inn and all of the bands, artists, and donors take no pay in order to raise the maximum amount possible.

What kind of bands will be there (besides STB, of course)?

It’s a serious night of brutality. We’ve got our perpetual brothers in metal Zekiah (part swamp, part metal, all awesome), brutal (Kalevra), bruutaal (Lords of Bedlam), more brutal (As The Kingdom Falls), and super brutal (Hydra Kyll), good old STB, and Symbolic (a touring Death tribute band, featuring former STB bassist Corey DiMatteo). Sadly Jupiter’s Wake had to drop off.

Are you guys planning anything special for your set?

As far as our performance? No, we’re just going to punish the shit out of everyone like we always do.

How about the venue, Cafe 611? I know they've hosted a bunch of metal shows there. What's it like?

Café 611 has been a mainstay for heavy music in Maryland for several years now. The get great acts and they let metalheads do their thing. I have nothing but love for Randell (owner) and everyone else at 611. We always have fun there.

Anything else we need to know about Inn It for the Kids?

But of course! We’ve got my friend, fellow cancer survivor, and super awesome tattoo artist Halo from SPIKETV’s Inkmaster coming out with his crew (Danny Bayron and Daniel Curry) from his shop Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery to sling some ink at the show. All 3 artists will be tattooing star themed flash tattoos that they are designing specially for this event. Prices are $20, $40, and $60, depending on the piece of flash you pick.

We’re also running raffles! $5 will get you entered into any of our numerous drawings for kickass prizes. We have keyboards, monitors, an acoustic guitar, a microphone, headphones, and more musical gear to raffle off. We’re also raffling off a custom two foot tall Lego inspired Spawn figure.

Lastly, for a $20 raffle entry you have a chance to win a new(ish, slightly used) PRS guitar, which has been donated by its owner in order to help raise money and awareness for the cause. I am also posting 2 charity auctions on eBay one of which is for a signed Parks and Recreation DVD, script, and cast photo, courteously of Parks and Recreation. The other auction is for a limited edition PRS book signed by Paul Reed Smith. I’m pretty stoked about all the contributions we’ve received this year.

Another huge thing going for us this year is that the company I work for is matching everything we raise up to a $2500 maximum. So every single dollar on our way to $2500 is worth two. A huge thanks to the generosity of Fisher BioServices.

What would you say to someone who's on the fence about going?

Come out! Drink! Bang your head! Spend a little money for a good cause. There is one other option though for those that don’t want to come out or can’t make it out. I’ve set up a fundraising campaign on Fundly where anyone can donate to the cause.

I look forward to seeing you at Inn it for the Kids II. Thanks for your support!

Pretty stoked about this myself! The only thing better than a day full of relentlessly heavy metal is doing good deeds for those in need, and here's your chance to enjoy both of those feels!

This Saturday, July 26th at 5pm in Frederick, Maryland at Cafe 611. Hope to see all our metal brothers and sisters there (yes, that means you too)!

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