Monday, July 21, 2014

Arsis, Allegaeon, Exmortus To Tour This September


This just in via a FB post from Arsis... They've just announced that they're about to hop on tour with Allegaeon and Exmortus (you know them, they're that band that was in a Virgin Mobile commercial a while back which I hope is still in circulation) beginning this September.

Their first stop will be none other than Empire in our neck of the woods - Springfield, Virginia to be exact!

Really loving how all the recently announced tours have begun or had initial stops right here in the DC/MD/VA area! It couldn't possibly have anything to do with this little blog, could it? ;)

Nah, it's probably just because so much awesome metal originates here. Still, let's hope the trend continues!

Anywho, here are the official stops for the tour:

09/01/14 – Springfield, VA @ Empire
09/02/14 - Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar
09/03/14 - New York, NY @ Santos
09/04/14 - Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
09/05/14 - Montreal, @ QC Foufounes Electriques
09/06/14 - Quebec City, @ QC Dagobert
09/08/14 - Lakewood, @ OH The Foundry
09/12/14 - Winnipeg, @ MB The Zoo
09/13/14 - Saskatoon, @ SK Rock Bottom
09/16/14 - Vancouver, @ BC Red Room
09/17/14 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
09/18/14 – Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
09/20/14 - Anaheim, CA @ O.C. Music Hall
09/21/14 - San Diego, CA @ New Royal Dive
09/23/14 - Denver, CO @ Moon Room
09/25/14 - Fort Worth, TX @ Rail Club
09/27/14 – Orlando, FL @ Haven Lounge
09/28/14 – Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum

UPDATE: A few more dates have been added:

9/10/14 Joliet, IL @ Mojoe's
9/14/14 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
9/24/14 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room

There's a few more dates still to come, so keep your eyes peeled and I'll post 'em when I sees 'em.

James of Arsis commented on the announcement:

"10 years ago I was a full time college student that was given an opportunity. The musical project that I had been working on 'for fun' on breaks from school was asked to record a full length album for a small independent record label. I had no idea at the time what the response would be to the album, or if there would be any response at all. Almost as soon as the album was released, much to my surprise, we were getting attention from around the world and my life was forever changed. That album was called A Celebration of Guilt and myself and everyone in Arsis, would like to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary by playing the it's entirety...on tour. Many of songs have not been played live in years, if ever. Here's to a decade of guilt and METAL!!!"

So, September 1st, people! Arsis, Allegaeon and Exmortus! Should be a great show.

Make sure you're on top of the calendar just in case any changes pop up and just in case so you don't miss anything - there are a ton of awesome shows planned for this summer!

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