Sunday, July 13, 2014

Animas Unveils Live Footage from Recent Show at Sweets

John Habuda, bassist and vocalist for Animas - an awesome metal trio based out of the mountain paradise known as Winchester, Virginia - unveiled some new live footage of their recent performance at Sweet Caroline's (lovingly dubbed "Sweets" by Winchester-ians) this past May.

Check it out:

Really loving how much the metal community out here has grown in recent years and continues to expand at breakneck speed! Although with scenery as gorgeous as you'll find here in the mountainous wilderness with a dash of civilization and a metric fuck-ton of history (not to mention the plethora of ominous, decaying abandoned homes and farms that are spookily wonderful to behold), it should come as no surprise to any who know of this area that the air is rich with inspiration and a perfect place to write some of the most epically brutal metal ever conceived.

No doubt we'll keep hearing some great things from Animas and other bands from our area. You already know where to look!

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