Tuesday, June 17, 2014

YouTube Changes May Block Artists/Labels That Don't Agree To New Terms

Be forewarned, local bands. If you want your YouTube videos to remain intact and your account usable, you don't have any choice but to agree to their new terms and conditions that are now being thrust upon users who promote their music with the website.

This applies to all artists and musicians, regardless of genre; from big names like Jack White and Adele to mid-size and underground bands such as Cammo Shorts, A Sound of Thunder and Vitality. If you don't sign up for their streaming music services, you don't get to play ball. Period.

Apparently 95% of labels have already signed up, so if you're signed, chances are good that your material on YouTube will continue to exist. VEVO has a pre-existing deal with YouTube so none of their videos will be affected, but that probably goes without saying. Also, I can't imagine there being too many downsides to submitting your music to a streaming service similar which may turn out to be similar to how Pandora operates.

What is not yet clear, however, are what the terms actually are or what implications they may have - for example, if they will pay-per-play or take a more devious approach and claim a percentage of ownership over your work - after all these new services and features go live.

Anyway, the service will not be rolled out for some time, but they will begin blocking those who do not comply with their new regulations long before they do. Better safe than sorry. Back up all your material and keep an eye out for more details as YouTube (hopefully) lessens the vagueness surrounding the "YouTube Music Pass" service.

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