Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Young And In The Way Tries To Be Watain at Asheville, NC Bar

Lexington Ave Brewery, Asheville NC (photo: Fox News 8)

The Lexington Avenue Brewery played host to a show that hoped to achieve the killer grotesqueness of Watain's recent NY appearance at Saint Vitus.

Instead, the band in question made complete asses of themselves and caused the bar's four dozen or so employees to be out of work for several days while they had their venue properly cleaned to the County Health Department's standards.

Young And In The Way, a band based in North Carolina that I believe may have passed through here recently, performed at the Asheville bar on Sunday for Empire Tattoo's Anniversary celebration.

Some time during the set, they let the pigs blood fly.

Now, my problem with this isn't that they just straight-up copied Watain literally days after they pulled the epic stunt in NY. No, my problem is that they're not Watain, and they weren't playing in New York at a venue who's main function is hosting high-volume, high-turnout shows.

Not that they don't deserve the same level of expression as a more successful band - they do. It's just that you have to be mindful of where you are, and what type of venue is hosting your event. This bar was clearly not equipped to handle a situation like this, and it seems to be more of a place that runs as a regular restaurant-type joint during the week.

In doing this, they've not only demonstrated selfishness and stolen the pay away from the employees who now can't work, but they have cheated the entire place out of a week or more of revenue - and for a great many places, that kind of a loss can be difficult or impossible to recover from.

Also, it is a bit bothersome that they have done this right on the heels of another band. Surely they could come up with something more original, lest they risk looking like "wannabes" or "posers" in the eyes of their peers. Originality is what makes each band special - if you don't have it, you won't end up being able to sustain success.

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