Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The New Shirts From Grethor Are Here!

New shirts from GRETHOR are here!The wait is finally over for the new shirts from darkly blackened death-ers Grethor - and the artwork is fucking superb!

Considering the man behind the imagery is the prolific macabre/metal artiste Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART) of Leesburg, Virginia, who recently illustrated a new shirt design for The Black Dahlia Murder, is it really any surprise?

Get your new "Anomaly X" t-shirt (for a mere twelve bucks) right here via Bandcamp. If you live around the Sterling, Alexandria, or Fredricksburg areas in Virginia, you can get around shipping charges by contacting the band directly via Facebook.

However, they'll be throwing in an immediate download of their EP, Galaxia Infinitum if you order online, so no worries - Grethor will make that extra buck or two for shipping worth your while!

If you're not familiar with Grethor yet, they happen to be one of our Featured Bands... check out their bio and sample a few of their best tunes. If you like blackened death metal, though, chances are you will dig these guys.

And of course, keep an eye out for their next show while you're at it!

Hails to Grethor and the talented Mark Riddick for putting out such supremely metal merch that one can truly be proud of wearing. \m/

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