Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Video From Epica, "Unchain Utopia"

Simone Simons of EPICAThis originally came out about a week ago, but having just managed to grab an opportunity to watch it without distraction..

Holy gods, this was a wonderful video and an incredible song.

Those were some of the smoothest and sweetest combinations of notes and foreboding power metal harmonies I've ever heard. Truly epic and truly Epica!

So, so happy that this turned out the way it did - I was honestly a bit worried after I heard their first single for The Quantum Enigma. I just couldn't get into it - it seemed so off for them. Solid, but just didn't sit well with me and wasn't anything I expected, in a not-so-good way.

But this! The whole song flows effortlessly from start to finish and carries with it that greatly coveted "high" you get from listening to really, really fuckin' sweet symphonic metal. There is just so much depth that it immerses you within its' own world.

Beautiful piano and vocal solo at about three minutes in, short and sweet, then it's back to that full, deep, cascading chorus into a harmony with the solo that just occurred. Simone Simons' vocals were absolute perfection, full of underlying emotion and feeling.

The song is 4:45, but it was literally so good it felt as though only a minute or so had passed.

Okay, I've got to go and listen to this again!

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