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Lots of Metal: This Weekend in the DC/MD/VA/WV/PA Underground

IRIS DIVINE (photo: Light of Night Photography)Wow! What a weekend this was for metal in the area. As has been the norm the past few weeks due to the sorry condition of my transport vessel awaiting repair, I regrettably couldn't make it out to any of the incredible shows to my chagrin.

Thankfully, the internet is a thing these days and not only can I vicariously live through the photos, videos and stories of the evening - you can, too!

Friday night brought us A Sound of Thunder with Iris Divine, MindMaze and Metanium at The Pinch on 14th St NW in DC.

This would be the first night Iris Divine was set to play their new material from upcoming album Karma Sown live for the rest of the world. Judging from this post, it would seem the new stuff was well received!

So glad to see that they've already exceeded their goal! These guys absolutely deserve it. They would have striven to do this album regardless of how the Kickstarter turned out, and that says a lot about how much they love what they do.

MindMaze at The Pinch, DC (photo by Amberley Edington, Light of Night Photography)What motivates a musician/artist/writer/band to do what they do oftentimes has a direct influence over the quality of their work. A band or musician who is in it for the money will have that reflect upon their music; making it dull, spiritless, and devoid of inspiration.

When music is made out of a genuine love of music and for what was created, it shows - the result is passionate, thoughtful, and invokes emotion unto the listener. It teems with an energy of its own. It will make you feel in places you didn't know were capable of feeling. This is because the music has come from a place that cannot be seen, only felt - the soul. It is a piece of every soul who had a hand in its creation, taken out to be borrowed by any who hear it, enabling them to feel what it has felt, to experience it.

Even science has proven that singing opens up a line of communication one cannot reach through speaking and as a result will feel more connected to them, because typically one only bares their soul to one or a few people. A musician (at least, a good one) bares it to large crowds on a stage, and does it often. (One might say that someone's taste in music can be a good indicator of their character! At least in some cases. Still, it can't just be coincidence that a lot of people connect with douchebag pop stars and there seems to be a lot of douchebags on the earth... but, I digress.)

Bobbie of Black Rose Metal Heart Promotions managed to put together a slew of awesome pictures from that night, so check out the gallery if you missed it like I did, or just want to reminisce on some good times (which were, very clearly, had by all)!

My main regret in having to miss this one is not only missing the new stuff from Iris Divine, but also missing MindMaze which I had only recently heard about and have been dying to catch them live. I mean, just look at the the vocalist! She's making metal with a flute! I would have loved to have been there to see that. Hopefully I'll get to catch them another time.

Silence The Blind (photo: Joshua Woods)

Saturday night was the long-awaited CD release show for Silence The Blind's new album, Dead Inside. We reviewed it before it was released, but many found out that night how fucking spectacular it actually was! They were set to play every song off the new album during a double set by the band, with support coming from the always great Cammo Shorts and Zekiah.

All signs pointed to the night being a complete success and a great show, as expected! Luckily I had a chance to hear STB's album (although I would have relished the opportunity to see them play it all live), however Cammo Shorts will only be playing two shows this summer, this show being one of those two, and I was sincerely bummed about missing that. Oh well... the next show I'll just have to find a way, come hell, high water, or disabled vehicles! Obstacles be damned!

Check out their crowd favorite (and one of my faves as well), "Church Burnings in Manassas" and keep an eye on the calendar for their last show of the summer.

Elsewhere on Saturday, another CD release show was happening - this one for Evolution, the new release from Breach The Silence. As evidenced by this footage, the night was certainly one to remember:

Crowdsurfing is a pretty good indicator of how awesome a show turned out to be, and I daresay this one seemed like quite a memorable event. Also there that night; Defending Cain, Arming The Architect and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

BREACH THE SILENCE (photo: Rob Fortenberry)

It was in Hagerstown, so a bit of a hike for me especially with no working wheels, but tons of positive feedback from attendees on the event's Facebook page as well as this statement from the band tells me that this was one amazing show!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you guys for making our CD release show and music video so incredibly amazing! Words can't begin to express how awesome it feels to have such magnificent fans! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in what we do. We can't wait to see you again!

Breach The Silence also issued this heartfelt "thank you" to fans, friends, and those with whom they worked to put the show and the album together.

Where do we even begin to thank everyone? Let's start out with Maxedout Entertainment and Hard Times Cafe & Cue for allowing us take over their space for the night and giving us a chance.

Thank you to our good friends in Defending Cain and Arming The Architect for always being there for us, being mentors to us, and for everything they've done in the local scene. Those two bands are pioneers who have really paved the way for other bands in the local music scene around here and gave new bands something great to strive to be.

Thank you to Something Wicked This Way Comes and Frankie Fje Entertainement for battling awful traffic conditions and coming all the way up to Baltimore to put on a great set and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Thank you to Blue and Rory for coming out to film it all and the work they are putting into our music video. After seeing some of the footage they got we are extremely confident it will be of the highest quality!

We can't forget about Rebel Lighting Works for the hard work they put in. Good lighting and good sound makes a world of difference for the mood of a show!

Of course we can't forget about the friends/families/fans! We always say it and this time is no different, without you we are nothing!

Our CD release show and music video shoot was a complete and total success and we could never have done it without everyone mentioned above. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much!

BREACH THE SILENCE (photo: Rob Fortenberry)

There was so much love over the weekend in the metal community. That's always awesome to see, and it's why again I say that our area is one of the best places to be a metalhead and to find incredible fucking music, as well.

**Photos of Iris DivineMindMaze courtesy of Light of Night Photography. Contact them if you need a talented and capable photographer to cover your next show!

**Photos of Breach The Silence courtesy of Rob Fortenberry Photography.

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